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FatBoy Mini Eco AT Gear Drive 1:3.5

It’s our custom ordered recipe developed with well known manufacturer will be soon available. Reduces noise like crazy also not that mesy…


I am a proud tester of this gear drive. :slight_smile:

When visiting @3DServisas and setting it up I can already say that they look and feel top quality even though they are called ‘Eco’. No belts, no chains; enclosed gears which will allow AT use? Sounds more like a ‘Eco Long Life’ in drivetrain department. You will save on belts, pulleys and/or chains and sprockets in the long run even when going through the old town roads. :wink:

Noise? On the board you feel like on a space ship because of resonance. You can pretty much feel and hear the instant power. Very cool feeling.

Noise when staying away from the board, as a bystander? Sounds like belts pretty much with different tone. Very aggressive, but silent sound, similar to powerful 1:8 RC cars which fades quickly with distance. The new grease does wonders. :slight_smile:

More in depth review coming very soon. :slight_smile:


110+(few lost rides before metr updates, 13km and 20km) kilometers in already. :slight_smile:

I can say that they are for sure very nice. I rode in rain, on sand, gravel, dirt, grass, you say it, they never chugged or hissed at me. :slight_smile:

Wh/km consumption is 15-20Wh/km average using dual 6374 170kV SK3 motors and 6 inch pneumatics at 60PSI never limiting anything either commuting(15Wh/km avg) or doing excessive start-stop-start movements and high speeds (56km/h / 35mp/h) while having a joy ride(20Wh/km avg).

Single charge and everyday commuting(not as aggressive, peak speeds at 40km/h / ~25mph) put my 12S6P to 56KM. I still have 38.3V left, so I could squeeze a tiny bit more. The only major Wh drain might be one of my SK3s that has kind of close to being shot bearings. The wheel geared to it doesn’t freespin as well as the other motor… It survived for 500+km anyways. Woes of open motors and rain/offroad riding… :slight_smile:

The Wh consumption coming from that motor suspicion can be observed here:

No dirt in the gear casings, so V-Rings are doing their job just right. Tons of dirt in one of the SK3s though… :frowning:

Grease is still there and does its job lubricating and suppressing noise.

No changes in the noise department, I think they even became quieter (by meshing properly with the help of vibrations, or I just got used to the sound).

I’ve managed to hurt one casing while going too fast through a forest trail I haven’t ever ridden and hit a rock. Scuff is there, but the gears still work perfectly. There will be 3D printable protectors anyways, so it’s just me being silly and testing the literal hell out of them. :laughing:

In final verdict: efficient, sturdy and well priced piece of tech you should consider checking out. Fits either supercheap F0 wheels by dickyho/aliexpress or bergmeisters. :slight_smile:


It’s not about speed, fury padawan, but agility. I will show you next time. Show you again, I mean :stuck_out_tongue:





Pfffft. We shall see!


Sender pull up with a 14s thane top fuel drag monster, motors melt, crashes and everyone domino’s into him.

Truman Show’s director turns on all lights, yells WE’RE DONE PEEPS, SYNYRD SKYNYRD HAS CRASHED, IT’S A WRAPPPPP


Desk Landyachtz Switchblade 36"
FatBoy 240 hanger
Motors 6374

Desk Landyachtz Switchblade 36"
TB218 hanger
Motors 6374


If selecting bergmeister option, does this mean the only difference is the additional mounting plate for bergs and can be removed to run F0 wheels at any time?

If you choose Bergmeister, you will only get an adapter for it.


thanks for the response! So to clarify, there won’t be any way to mount other 6" hubs like dickyho wheels when I choose Bergmeister?

additionally buy adapters


Any issues with wheelbite?

Would 50XX motors fit there?

I’m planning a small sized build and this might be perfect.

Small build, but AT wheels? Huh?

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Yup, that one :slight_smile:

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Which motors do you want to use?

The smallest I could fit in your drive :slight_smile:

I guess there are no holes for 50XX so I would have to go for 6355, right?

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Mount for 63xx series motors.
I can make an adapter for 50xx motors, if there is demand.