FatBoy Mini Eco AT Gear Drive 1:3.5

FatBoy Mini Eco Gear Drive 1:3.5 for TorqueBoards TB218 Trucks works with 6" wheels and Bergmeister wheels.

Wheels Fitting:

Motor Fitting:

TB218: 6355, 6365, 6374

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Motor spur gear (12 tooths) (for 8mm shaft)
  • 2 x Wheel Hubs with gear (42 tooths)
  • 2 x Hanger mount adapters (Three positions -15º, 0º, +15º)
  • 2 x Baseplates with the motor mount holes
  • 2 x Gearbox covers
  • 2 x V-Ring
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Slid Plates for V-ring
  • Screw kit

2x FatBoy Mini Eco Gear Drive weighs 840 g.

Price: 218€ + VAT + Shipping

Starting taking pre-orders will start manufacturing after Paris Event so expected delivery is end of July.

With 6" Wheels

With Bergmeister wheels


Any way to fit a 15t motor pulley?

Or drop the wheel pulley to 34-36 and keep the 12t motor pulley?

I need to be able to go faster than @Arch at all times.


The new v2 mini compatible with bergs?

Like maybe do a few 36t wheel pullies for some more speeeed (on standardish, readily available 170-200kv motors)

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Why is such a thick spacer/adapter needed with the Bergmeisters?

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Sorry this is only static size because of price. The normal SS Mini is available with 1/2.6 when custom ordered.

@taz because this is mainly for 6" wheels and bergmeister has bearing width of normal abec style and 6" wheels has longer length between bearings.


Any chance of a reverse mount?

No because of kingpin. Not a single gear drive for RKP in our collection without long hanger short motor will not work with reverse because of kingpin getting in the way of motor cans.

Any chance of making this compatible with surfrodz tkp hex? Tb218 not strong enough for my off road antics…

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Original surfrodz TKP trucks are too short, but we will be adding compatibility with @Psychotiller Split TKP trucks for all our gear drives.


If you buy a new set from TB, the axels should be 40-50% stronger than the old ones :crazy_face:

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6355 motors should fit on reverse:


With those 6 inch wheels this is a really affordable option to jump into gear drives and the platform is tried and tested with you guys. Nice work :clap:


Would I be able to buy an adapter and fit my nano gear drive on the psychotiller tkp trucks?
Or will it be a different mounting system?

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Also, on the heXL trucks, they don’t have extended axles.

But I want a set if you have it all figured out.

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now my pants hurt

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So, you could make a thinner adapter and the take up the extra axle length with a spacer between the outer bearing and nut, correct?


I can’t tell if it will work have to wait till we receive the trucks and etc.

@taz its not so simple, the adapter has bearing inside so we can’t make it thinner.


Have been testing a new grease they will come with lately. This new grease reduce sound even more then g67! I love it, thanks @3DServisas !


Imma need that stuff


What grease? :slight_smile: