F-Of-C - open-source Free-Of-Charge vesc6 board in development. Schematics available

Aliexpress is infamous for relabeled mosfets and fake ics, sadly. Though lcsc should be safe. Mouser should be 99.999% real. But it is what it is, sometimes it’s hard to tell.


Designing a 2-layer board forces you to think about what you are doing. But I have come to the conclusion that it just makes no sense for a high amp motor driver. I can probably make it work, but what I gain by spending 3 dollars on two more layers, will always be a better solution.

I’m converting everything to a 4-layer board, and this will delay things, and then again, I don’t think it will delay anything in the end.

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I agree. Fortunately, the decision of fets doesn’t need to be taken right now.

CRST030N10N is available at LCSC for around $1/pcs, and it satisfies the specs. It’s produced by CRMICRO… I would prefer if it was Texas Instruments or Infinion, or something more non chinese. Suggestions are welcome

Required specs:
VDS >= 100V
RDS(on) <= 3mΩ
ID (continous) > 150A

Now with 4 layers, the fets might not need to be of type TO-220

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HOWEVER, CRST030N10N is used in the MESC MP2 board, which I trust very much, so I think I will go for this specific mosfet, available cheap at LCSC.

MP2 MESC board

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