Excalibur | LY Evo 40" | 12s4p 30Q | BN M1s | Dual TB6374 | TB110s | BalancePro v6.6+ |

A build thread for Excalibur, my third esk8

How it all happened

I got into esk8 in the summer of 2018, and made a little $500 shitter board with my engineer brother that worked (kinda), and it was fun. Homebrew 10s2p 25R battery with Vruzend no-weld cell holders (interesting concept), but the issues with the drivetrain always pissed me off and the shitty chinese ESC didn’t make the experience any better. Board later has battery problems that I misidentify and can’t figure out, so goes in the garage and sits for a while. Lasted till Spring 2019.

Fast forward to March 2020, quarantine hits and I’m bored out of my mind. Ideas start churning, and I go out and fix the shitter board. (Misaligned cell holder, didn’t make contact with the positive terminal and so the ESC wouldn’t boot as it wasn’t getting 36V). Fixed it up, and bought some more shitty parts to upgrade it with (with the exception of a TB6374 motor) that at the time I thought were good because I really was doing this all on my own, no forum or anything. That board also is shit and was a pain in my ass, but was definetly a step in the right direction and was better than the first iteration. The final straw was in late summer 2020 when I got stranded on a ride and had to pull over 3-4 times within an hour to fix issues with the drivetrain. I remember getting stuck in a Target parking lot and just going absolute apeshit because I had put so much cash and time into this build and it just didn’t work. So I said “fuck esk8, I’m selling it all”.

That phase lasted about a week, as now I had discovered the forum and the absolute porn that is the pictures thread and build threads. I decided to take the cash that I got from selling everything (actually recouped all the money I had spent, luckily) and put it into an actually good build that would work right and last a long time. So, Excalibur is born.

Pictures of the second build:

Parts list and price breakdown
Component Price Source
LY Evo 40" (bundle deal) $750 @Skyart
Eboosted Evo 40 SS (part of bundle) $750 @Skyart
12s4p 30Q + Smart BMS (part of bundle) $750 @Skyart
2x Balance Pro v6.6+ [carbon copy of Trampa VESC6 MkIII] (part of bundle) $750 @Skyart
Custom Painted VX2 (part of bundle) $750 @Skyart
M1 Gear Drives + 220 Hangers + Riptide 93a bushings $250 (local) @Boardnamics
BN 40° Fixed Baseplates + X Plates $46 @ZachTetra
Metr Pro $40 @Resonant
12s 4A Charger $40 @ryansinatra
2x TB6374 $130 (had one from previous build @torqueboards
TB110s $110 (gift) @torqueboards
Lazyrolling armored hoodie FREE! (+$90 for pads from @LAZYROLLING) @Arzamenable (you’re awesome)
TSG Pass $120 @KaramQ
Grip Tape $25 Splattergoat

Total cost for this build ended up being right around $1340, and $1550 for the build + safety gear

Specs/ESC Settings

Top Speed (calculated): 38mph
Top Speed (recorded): 36.5mph
Range (calculated): ~16 miles
Range (recorded) ~20 miles

Gear ratio: 1:2.78
Effective truck angles: 50° front, 30° back

Max motor current: 80A
Max motor brake current: -20A
Max battery current: 60A
Battery voltage cutoff begin: 41V
Battery voltage cutoff end: 38V
Sensored as of now, but have done HFI in the past and will use it when the sensors inevitably die

Photo Gallery

Wanted to throw this in here. Same place, one build, and 120 days apart:

And here’s the build process, in pictures!

My Thoughts

This thing rips. I absolutely adore it, and will be building more. Next up is a street carver on metro 155s most likely :eyes: . The ESCs are great, as they are literally just rebranded Trampa VESC6 MkIII’s (lol). Battery is awesome, although I had to send it back to Artem to get it fixed (absolute legend, he fixed it at no cost and I had it back super fast, AND he wrapped it in clear!). The drives sound and feel amazing, I feel like I’m riding an electric porsche! The power is insane, and the sound is just so perfect. Love this board, and everything inside it.

Thank you to all of these people (no particular order) for helping me bring this board to life!
@Skyart @Boardnamics @BenjaminF @b264 @Venom121212 @Arzamenable
and to anyone who saw the first iteration of this post and hasn’t mentioned it :shushing_face:

P.S: Non-serious thread! Bring all your questions, shitposts, or whatever in here and have a good time!



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reserved mk2

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Awesome thread! Gonna steal the format! Very nice build @ARZ.

Are you running 40 degrees in the front and back?


Excellent work dude! So glad to see this thing on the open road :heart_eyes:


Yes! The Evo has a 10° wedge in the front and a 10° de wedge in the back so it becomes 50front/30 back overall. I’m gonna add that into the specs section


Thank you man! You were such a big help getting it off the ground, I really appreciate you always answering my questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow, such an awesome board!


What is the weight (lb) and mass (kg) of this thing?

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Haven’t gotten around to weighing yet, but my best estimates put it right around 20-25lbs

Those @eBoosted enclosures are so pleasing to the eye, it’s crazy


I know right? They just look so good and nothing else compares :heart_eyes:

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An excellent split angle. I ran this for several months before getting greedy and going for 60/30 haha.


Does a higher split angle give more or less stability?

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Man. That’s a hell of a board for what you spent.


Smaller angle in the back generally = more stability. The higher your angle, the more your trucks can turn, so higher angle in the front allows for more carving. It’s all about the split.

Haha I got super lucky snagging that from you


Love the board, thanks for sharing!