Evolvenstein with Flipsky 15.2" DPK trucks

Hi folks,

I need wider DKP trucks with motor mounts for my Evolvenstein (Evolve Carbon gen1 based build) as the Evolve supercarve trucks are too narrow for me to run the board with 8" wheels (because wheel bite).

I found that Flipsky do a 15.2" version of the DKP (out of stock but will be available from the 10th of August) so I was just wondering if anyone has used them in the past, and what’s your opinion on them?

Also, if you’re based in the UK and want to be part of a group buy, I’m happy to start one.

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I think they’ve discontinued them, and in terms of sourcing I don’t think flipsky is the best source for bulk buying them because they don’t make them so the price isn’t that great.
Maytech / Michobby has them, so does Jointech (ownboard) and depending on quantity the price can be o-k but I bet there is better.

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Maytech and ownboard only do the 12" version, which is a clone of the current evolve trucks. Flipsky have 14.53 and 15.2" versions, and the latter will be available from the 10th of August (or so I’m told by their rep).

Is there anyone out there with experience of the wider trucks?

the widest trucks I’ve ever-ever used were .12" across the axles… 15" would be HUGE


15" is the width of the original Evolve Carbon Gen1 trucks so that they could run 8" wheels without wheel bite, but those unfortunately only came with one single motor mount…

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I did get offered these by a couple vendors, but they’re extremely heavy at like 5kg/set. You have to sea freight otherwise the shipping in bulk was :exploding_head: (But most alibaba sellers can offer this including flipsky)
Imma get a set though, see how they ride.


I’m not an evolve fanboy so I cannot speak to that… but I happen to have a set of evolve GTR trucks right here beside me…

I just measured those and they’re 12" axle lengths…

Vut like i said i don’t know shit from shine-o-la on evolve trucks…

But i have mocked it up with wide metroboards tires…

No bitemus the wheelie-us


Mate, I wasn’t having a dig at you, I was just explaining the situation. But since I can sense that “the ignorance is strong on this one”, I’ll re-phrase it.

Yes, the current Evolve supercarve trucks are 12", and that’s what I’m currently using with my Carbon Gen1 deck (repeat, Carbon Gen1). I’m currently restricted to using 6.5" tyres from Trampa, as those are the largest I can use with 12" trucks without having wheel bite.

The original Evolve supercarve trucks for the Carbon Gen1 (repeat, Carbon Gen1) deck are 15" wide, so that they could be used with the original 8" MBS wheels. Unfortunately, those trucks only have a mount for a single motor.

I hope I was clearer this time!

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That seems to be on the heavy side! Ooof!

When will you be getting them? Eager to listen to first hand experience!

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Ahahah! I’m no Evolve fanboy either (I do love the deck though!) and you’re welcome to sully around any time :sunglasses:

Hmm, probably sometime late this month but I’m not sure. We’ll see where I can fit them to ship them, as i said they’re I think 2.2~2.4kg each

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Haven’t use them yet but I have the 14.53 Dkp from flipsky they are 10mm axles they look great the only issue is the mounts are to short for big tires but that could be my pulley set up it needs a spacer between the hub and pulley

This just my demo board :call_me_hand:


I ordered a set today as I’m currently running cheap Scrub MTB trucks on the front of my DIY Meepo frankenstein fuckery. I love the stability of 15" trucks, so I didn’t want to slap Evolves 12’s on there, plus I’d be wider in the back then which might feel odd.

So I’ll try and remember to report what these are like when they arrive, although I’ll only be using the front.


I ordered a set too, and will report back when I put it all up together!


Well, this took a turn for the worse pretty quickly.

F#ck Flipsky.

Let me know if you have the same issue!


Just an update on this, loads of people got caught out with this issue and Flipsky are refunding them all. I’m still on the lookout for 15.2" DKP trucks, so any help in finding them is greatly appreciated. :sunglasses: