Evolve Stoke - thoughts?

Hey there,
I got this email from Evolve earlier, meaning that they’re officially shipping the Stoke out now,
so I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys here, and some honest opinions. I’m probably not going to buy one, but I was curious, if anyone knows something about improvements they may have made.
Is it a nice short board for collge for example? A total piece of garbage? Lemme know!

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I don’t like how the wheels stick out. The motors are rear facing with some kind of guards.
Not a fan.
Looks like a riptide but with the wrong trucks.


I’ve tried one, the turning radius is insane on that, you could probably do a 180 on a single file lane without using the kicktail.
Other than that, it’s basically a GTR using a smaller deck with their flight battery. Probably not the best of the ESC, remote, battery…
The remote I tried, probably on eco mode had a huge “dead” zone on the braking part, when you push it half way in it does nothing, and it’s after that half way press that the brakes starts to engage. Weird, but smooth brakes.


I would say it’s a good thing to deck swap onto a nice longboard deck, like a lighter Evolve longboard basically

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Then you’ve literally just got an evolve with the travel battery? :I


For the price, personally I think you can find/build better easily. Just look at the BKB kit if you want to see real value


I like simplicity of the grip and deck personally.

Recycled trucks, motors preventing the tail being used properly, up on stilts, can’t really push it without hitting a wheel.

It’s ok but it’s probably not a good purchase if you want any of the above. You could build something way better if you’re that way inclined.


Yeah, I think it’s a tad expensive too. I mean even Boosted has lower prices for their short boards. Not saying it should be a race to the bottom, but $1k+ for a short board with that battery? :I

I guess with the wide wheelbase, it’s more stable, but the motors sticking out…? It’s been a thing evolve has done for years now, and I honestly don’t know why their A) mount them this way, and B) why they still use these tiny motors that are known to overheat and fail.

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A decent travel board with better quality than a riptide.

I’d still build my own if I had to fly.

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I bet they’re stuck in a contract for the motors. No reason why they wouldn’t use something liek 6374’s otherwise in my eyes. They’re too small for what they want the boards to do.

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That’s why I’m interested in it at all. Would seem liek a good little board to take on a plane… and maybe even around the airport…? Seems tempting. If only it was cheaper.

He is talking about the direction that the motors are facing. Evolve don’t use 6374, they use way smaller ones.

There’s a monetary and safety reason.

Racerstars have a solid reputation and bought in bulk cost pennies, there won’t be a “contract”. Smaller motors means cheaper repairs, less issues with damage to electronics, less material on mounts… list goes on for miles. When you’re dealing in millions of units these things all up exponentially.

From a safety perspective, Evolve get law suits daily from inexperience people falling on their faces on boards, increase the power > increase the lawsuits > look worse in litigation because you’re not being “safe”.


Yeah, I know. As I said, they’re probably stuck in a contract with the seller, otherwise they wouldn’t use them, and I have no idea why they mount them this way, especially with a kicktail.

Okay, true. I’d imagine you agree to some Terms of Use, where they state, that they’re not responsible for you falling in any way though. Boosted does that, if I remember correctly.

Also didn’t see that before. I’d imagine they pay next to nothing for those motors, but less repair costs, because they are cheaper…? If they used better (or bigger) motors, they wouldn’t have to replace one from a friend of mine for example, whose motor overheated, and stopped working altogether.

People don’t give a crap, even if there is no real legal recourse it still takes time and money to challenge claims and representation to answer to it all. Scales are the enemy here, it’s not just a few boards here and there, there’s a massive supply chain for Evolve and loads of demographic and geographic borders to negotiate.

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Tbh this board feels like lazy design. With short boards you don’t want a hanger so wide your wheels stick out the sides of the deck completely. They could fix that with a narrower hanger which might cause the current motors not to fit so they’d have to get new motors and trucks, so instead of designing new parts they decided to just use the current parts which aren’t really suited for a shorter board. Also I don’t like dkp trucks especially since these ones aren’t drop mounted which means a higher board height.


Wide trucks and fun on a longboard but as you shorten the Wheel Base (distance between front and rear trucks) it makes things weird.

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