Evolve GTX 2nd battery in parallel

Hello, I have been a long time lurker here and finally joined in hope of some recommendations.

I have an Evolve GTX with the 10s40 30q upgrade and I am having some problems. I am only getting about 13 miles of range, but as far as I can remember that is the range I have always gotten. I ordered the cells from liion, but am starting to wonder if they were counterfeit.
To answer some questions you might have, yes I have looked in the battery diagnostics section and everything looks normal.

The main question I have is if you can hook up some external batteries and run them in parallel like you can with Onewheels. The batteries that I have in mind are some of those 36v hoverboard batteries or some lipos. Has this been successfully done before? I am running all stock electronics if it matters.

Welcome, @longhairedboy has upgrade lots of evolves so he might be able to help.

You can reach him on his official thread


At this point I know it is possible, I just dont know at what point to splice the parallel wires. Between the battery and BMS, or between the BMS and ESC. I have a feeling that between the BMS and ESC would be best. There is just nothing out there besides this youtube video ( https://youtu.be/zz7m612x4aw ). In the comments all he says it "solder it onto the motherboard, and last time I checked I was not riding around on a computer.

Does the second pack have a bms?

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Yes it does.

Run one of these

Double ends to the the packs and single end to the esc.

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Just dont forget to change you your amp hour settings in vesc.

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It is a stock evolve controller. I think the amp hour settings on the evolve esc only controls max discharge.

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You should be fine with just running that parallel plug then. Bench test before you ride it.

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Will do. Thanks for your help!

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I’ve never ridden an evolve but 13 miles is not much for a 10s4p 30q pack isn’t it?

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Just depends on evolve settings and how he rides. What one 4p 30q pack does for one person wont be the same for another.

I’m on 12s5p 30q running 50a and I can pull about 15miles flat oit or a little over 20miles if riding conservatively


Nope. Worse than stock. I think I got counterfeit cells from Liion 1.5 years ago

This could be a possibility as well.

What types of riding do you normally ride?


I ride in fast mode. I tracked my last ride and had an average speed of 12mph. I do have some stop and go though.

Maybe you have a bad p group
Check each group then rage if all are shitty.

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Yeah, I think that’s “real world” range for that config. Was getting the same range from my battery on my diy board with ATs. I’m upgrading to 10s6p hoping to get bit more range.


All groups are good. Charged and discharged.

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I have heard real world range should be almost double for the type of riding I do.

Only other help I could offer would be to charge completely and let balance, then ride till you start to experience sag, then check cells then. Im guessing that is when a suspect wimpy p group would be most apparent. Maybe group 6 is suspect.

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