Evolve gen2 Carbon series Battery

Hey mate, would you know what the amp hours of these cells are? I haven’t the foggiest and I want to program the vesc so I don’t run them too low,.

The stock evolve pack? I would run it at the minimum possible.

15A battery per motor for a dual or 25A for a single

Is what I personally would try.

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Yeah those square peismatic block cells, there are 5 of them. I remember asking for and paying another 200USD for the extended battery and all that info on the battery including certs is lost on an old work email.

And okay thanks man, it had a 30A fuse for the main power wires to the old controller

So would you know the batter aH? Or does the vesc know when the battery is getting low automatically.

I thought you need to tell the vescx tool what the aH of the battery is so that it knows when to cut the power.

There are ten of them, but in stacks of two

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In this case, I wouldn’t pull more than about 24A total

Okay cheers

The ESC Tool does not care about Ah, only about A and V

Find the cutoff voltages here, in this case use “10S lipo” numbers

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Okay, is pulling battery amps different to the engine amps? Cos on the vescx tool, its defaulted to 80 amps each engine and it feels about right, with max at 160

Oh right wow cheers, ill go through that, awesome

Motor amps is determined only by your motors. You can probably use 90A and -60A motor amps for those motors. (per motor)

but for battery amps, more like 24A total (12A, -12A for each ESC)

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This is the part I don’t understand it, but i’ll take your word for it and program accordingly, thank you again.

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Hey bro what trucks and motor mounts are you running?

I’ve got a similar build, but running 6.5" trampa tyres and use evolve trucks (gtr). However, I just ordered some Flipshit 15.2" dkp trucks so that I can run 8" tyres without wheel bite.

I wouldn’t have bought anything from Flipshit, but they are the only ones marketing these wide trucks… :neutral_face:

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What motor mounts did you use on your gtr trucks ?

I used UniK mounts, but they are not available anymore. Probably best to use flipsky’s…

12S5P 18650 and a couple of unities


Why the flipsky hate? Im running their motors and esc.
6384’s and 6.6 with tb218’s and the tb v4 mounts.

If you got an ESC from them and are happy, then you won the dice roll. If your dice would have rolled onto a different number, your story might be a lot different.