Evolve all terrain kit or torqueboards?

I am debating between the two. Torqueboard is about 205 shipped and evolve is about 274 shipped. Is evolve worth the 70 bucks?

Would really appreciate your opinions!


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I love my 6” kit but I had a situation where my bearing failed and melted the hubs

I was using older gen evolve bearings but I thought I would note it. I would say go tb mainly because I think evolve are a bunch of stuck up pricks half the time.


Oh wow. Thanks for the reply!



The only quality offerings I feel like Evolve has are their DKP front trucks and their 10S 42V chargers.

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I like their decks…

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The evolve kit is good quality, but not competitively priced. The torqueboard kit is meh quality imo. I wasn’t happy with mine so I resold them before using them.

There is also AT wheel kit offerings by Wowgo, Ownboard, and Flipsky.

Of those alternative options, the wowgo’s seem the highest quality, I haven’t closely examined them but a riding friend bought their AT2 and they seemed nice. The Ownboard ones are sunmates, so they could probably be purchased for less somewhere else. And the Flipsky ones are sunmate tyres but seem to be different hubs. Also I believe the FS and wowgo ones all these are metal vs plastic like the rest.


Why weren’t you happy with yours?

I will say, my cousin owns an Ownboard AT and his 7” pneumatics kit has been a tank. He used that thing like a mountainboard and it’s help up very well.

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The wheel pulley was my real problem. The tires are fine and hubs were true. But the wheel pulley bearing seat was not properly made and pinched the bearing in a a few spots vs press fitting so the pulley bearing couldn’t turn smoothly. And the pulley teeth were not level, there was an angle to them, as to it was a draft angle from the mold but opposite direction of a mold draft, didn’t like that. This was over a year ago tho, so these issue may have been resolved tho I doubt it.


yeah sounds about right. I’ve wasted so much money on torqueboards from reordering the same thing. I really like the ownboard ones, where do you think I can find them cheaper? 180 doesnt seem too bad however

The order process may not be worth the headache vs just ordering from one of those companies but you can factory order from sunmate on alibaba

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Every so often the TB AT tire kit seems to go down to around $150. Def worth it at that price. I loved mine.

Edit: If you do get TB, make sure to leave it in your cart for a few days to get the email discount. or you can just get it from someone here as I don’t think it changes.

I was looking for 6’’ or 7’’ tires that would fit 3.75’’ hubs and ended up with the Evolve ones, as the price is reasonable and I could even pick them locally.

Didn’t test them yet though, hope they are good.

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plus $50 in tubes from evolve that actually fit.
how tf are those so expensive. Same damn price as tires.

I got the wowgo ones. I think they might be a little retarted. They sent me a 360mm belt with it and it barely fits the wheel portion let alone the pulley. Also bearings keep falling out of the wheels so I put a piece of paper in between that space to fit it. Quality of the wheel itself seems nice, execution however, meh

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I have a set of all terrain hubs and wheel pulley I can sell you for pretty cheap. You just need tires

I got my whole kit with motor mounts and everything here for $150+ship used. They’re great so far

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The belt thing is interesting… Bearings sucks tho. That’s the danger of machining tolerances. I wonder if they’re using paper/tape or whatever on their own production boards.

They might/probably just sell the ones that don’t fit as well as B-grade rejects, and use the A-grade parts on their own prebuilts