Evolve all terrain kit or torqueboards?

Its all good. I ordered some 410mm belts which should do the trick

Yeah dont buy the wowgo wheels lmao. There goes 150$ down the drain

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On my at2 the bearing problem is there as well although I think it’s the bearing seat in the hubs and not the actual bearings

I’ve put around 400+ miles on my TB A/T kit and it’s held up very well. No issues at all with the tubes or tires. I hope you find something that you really like.

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Evolve 7 inch tires are top notch. I think they are better than 8 inch Kendas.

The evolve bearing seats do wear down and cause issues after a bit.


you mean the older style?

have you ever tried the 6?

have you tried the new Hadean 7?

I run Kendas.

I wanna try some smaller tires…
can figure out what to get …

The 7inch street tire from evolve, I guess the really old ones.

I haven’t tried any new tires. Im currently on 8inch Kendas for the serious boards and 6 inch clever for playtime.


Metroboard has sunmates and fast shipping