Evolve 6" tires?

Has anyone seen these sweet little cuties? Ive been running the Trampa 6 1/2" on my evolve and really really love that tire but the damn things just don’t last. I had way more life/range out of my evolve 7" so if they last twice as long im still coming out better paying $25 per tire.

just seeing if anyones taken the bate?


After 4 rides on the gtx this is what I’ve got on the tramps.


Ewww, that hurts me. We’re they inflated all the way?


Glad I didn’t buy a set last night :cry::cry:

Can you take a picture of the treads from the side?

This makes me afraid to try mine

I run 50psi so that might be a problem but I think the rubber they use is way to soft for the sort of carving I’m putting them through.
But I will say I put the evolves through the same sort of treatment and they last 3 times longer. Maybe even 4 times longer.

Sooo tonight I ordered the 6” evolves to give them a try and I’ll report back.

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At 50 PSI you are only riding on the centre line of the tire. All strain is on a few mm² of rubber only.


Oooch I blew it. Well that explains a lot.
I had great grip while they lasted.

What is the rated pressure for tire, @Trampa? Seems 85PSI(, or am I not looking at the right product. ), So 50PSI should actually lead to a more uniform wear, no?



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People use them for Nordic skating…
They love 100psi!
We are esk8ting. I ride them at 30psi.


Umm, that’s not a convincing reply. This shouldn’t happen after 4 rides, especially after using less than rated pressure. My <$10($5 from taobao) 6x2" tires have lasted me 1000km and from tread wear, I calculate it will go another 1000km.

@NingNing, can you show us pics of all 4 tires? I am wondering if you tried to do a burnout . That might explain it.

I ride mine for months. Once they show a lot of wear, I swap them over to the front.

If you carve like hell and always pull the throttle hard, you can kill any tire in a short period of time, especially if over inflated for carve purpose. It’s a round tire with limited surface contact if inflated to solid state.

In trampa defense I want to say that I roasted these tires. Like ass on the ground carving then punching the throttle and laying hard in the brakes.

I’m just saying if you ride like me you might want to try out the evolve, they last longer.


Just get the $5 6x2 tyres if you are going to blast the shit out of them :joy:. They go FORERVER.


I have hundreds of miles on a set of Urban Treadz on a bamboo GTX. I inflate them to 70 psi. Low pressure doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t run in GT mode - I use fast mode. I’m also 190 pounds and usually carrying a backpack that isn’t light. I take off pretty quick but I do avoid braking hard. Mostly I will carve to stop. I have the trigger pegged as often as not so I’m generally running a touch over 20 mph and carving.


Something like this

I think we have deferent riding styles.

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These. But buy from taobao