Evolution. Landyachtz Evo 39 | Torqueboards 218's | Dual 6374 SK3's 192kv | 97 TB wheels | 12s | Focboxes

First let me say that this build is my latest and it dates back to September last year and even though that attests to just how lazy I am it also highlights the fact that this thing is a great machine. I haven’t really felt the need for another build to ride but am now craving just to build something but alas inspiration is proving elusive. Please feel free to bombard me with ideas to get my slow old brain working.

This build thread was originally posted on the builders forum but as we have an influx of new members joining here then I thought it best to re write it over here for anyone that is thinking about an evo build.

Originally all I wanted to do was to power my C section build with a 12s battery but after sizing the new battery I realised that it wouldn’t fit into the c sections integrated carbon deck.

This led me on a top mounted esc search and I found @skl8r clone evo build with the falcon 36 and 3d servisas focbox case. Sudden re think. Build another board. (obvious really lol) This then led me on an evo forum binge which got me eventually to @deckoz original Master evo and I was sold.

Now this was during the great evo drought of 2018 so getting one of these decks was like trying to find rocking horse shit until I found this in the WTS section. Snapped it up and then ordered the enclosure from eboardsperu.com The artist that is @eBoosted

Ignore the one on the left thats one of 3 carbon decks I got from Ali that was earmarked for a 4wd set up but its still sitting on my bench in much the same state. I told you …lazy.

I had a massive motor malfunction with both the sk8 sensored motors which were originally earmarked for this build and had to go for something else and after much deliberation I went with the old faithful sk3’s
I’m not keen on sensors anyway so not an issue for me and they seemed reliable according to those in the know and they have been.
Oh and hk delivers in 3 days. Anyone used to waiting weeks for parts will appreciate that.

Drive train was an issue due to flex on the reverse TB mounts with big heavy motors so I hacked a cross member set up and incorporated some idlers which is a process that requires no machine skills and parts sourced locally and it works an absolute treat.

I will post a thread later on the how to.

Originally set it up with dual braces but I drilled out the plates too close together (due to incompetence) and while the belts didn’t actually touch, I didn’t like it so its running one brace and idler and has been since.

Mocked it up which is always a good idea in any build to get a feel for everything.

I was too impatient to wait for amazon to deliver so did a trip round the diy shops until I came across m6 kitchen inserts and while they are a pretty soft alluminium they have held up just fine.
Anyone who has drilled into an evo will know just how hard that deck is so be very precise on the hole sizing or you will break a few inserts before you realise or maybe thats just me lol.
Insert 1 drill out one broken one. Insert 2 drill out 1 broken one etc etc. Trick is to drill out the hole to just a whisker over the shaft size but still leave enough meat for the threads to grip.

This is the enclosure mounted and all screwed down with some again locally sourced m6 stainless philips counter sunk bolts and galv cup washers. Next one will have m5 but on this it looks kind of industrial and the silver sets off the motors. Aligning can be a bitch so make sure you clamp the enclosure hard to the deck before drilling anything. I clamped and pilot holed all my fixing spots making sure that the angle of the holes were correct as well as the basic position.

wiring is almost there in this pic and it was a squeeze due to the bestech discharge bms. Its a 100 amp version with an e switch.

bagged up the motors for the flat spot shaft work and this is a must if you don’t want to fill up your cans with metal filings. Ask me how I know lol

I was originally going to wedge and dewedge the deck further due to some conflicting information at the time but the bearded angel himself came to my rescue with the correct set up which is no angles and 50 degree baseplates. Trust me on this after countless testing thats how an evo should be set up. Don’t mess with it unless you really have to for clearance but on thane it is at its most stable with just the deck angles and 50’s So thanks @mmaner for the stellar advice as always.

Getting the meter in and straight because beautiful as it is the enclosure does not have a straight line in it anywhere to measure from so eyeballing was the only way.
This was without a doubt the scariest part of the build. These enclosures are expensive so a slip of the dremel and I would have been crying into my beer.

Taped up for the charge port and switch.

back to the drive to get some netting on (I know using a lighter for shrink tube is ghetto af)

Final connections outside the board and doing the lock shrinks to avoid those disconnected bullets. (Ask @Andy87 about wine bottles and a disconnected phase wire)
(loving those idlers though locks the mounts so well too)

Loving the way the grommetts look but on the next i won’t use those usb’s they are too huge and look like nipples. They are waterproof though and that was the thinking behind it Still reminds me of the underside of a pregnant dog though.

Some silicon in the grommetts for a bit more protection and a cable tie to lock them in.

Next one is going to be a teeny tiny little charge only bms though. That is a big bitch.

Getting some foam in there to keep it all snug. Bit worried about the bms getting too warm but it has to be locked down tight.

Battery is velcro’d down to the enclosure so it shouldn’t move laterally but I’m going to foam all down the sides once I’ve configured the ppm as I have to get to the cabling. The phase wiring needs locking with shrink but again without sensors I need to be able to swap if we are running the wrong way round which is inevitable. Sorry about the last pic btw I was shaking with the thought of hooking it all up and something going bang.
As I said this build was originally posted on builders and not all of the guys responsible are over here yet Big yet that but I’ll mention them anyway
Big thanks to
@Colson003 for the deck and x thingys
@Eboosted for that beautiful enclosure
@TinnieSinker for the battery. I have massive battery pstd.
@torqueboards for the drive train
@Deckoz and @sk8l8r @Battosaii for the inspiration
@akhlut for the x thingys

everyone else that I have stalked and harassed all over this wonderful community
Hope it reads ok because its a combination of then and now so my tenses may be out .

She’s rolling

Special shout out to @deckoz personally for inspiring me to build something that will eventually kill me.


Oh, u found your phone


I told that story with the intention of some sympathy but you lot of hard hearted bastards thought it was hilarious. Evil you are. :rofl:


i love sk3s. i’ve got a few of these boxes coming my way too, and a couple of '19 falcon 40s. One is for a build, one is for a mine.


They are a solid motor choice. This build is running max amps on everything and its been the most stable build I have ever achieved. The deck is just a dream to ride too. Spoilt me for anything else though. All thats happened to it was a disconnected phase wire that sent me head over heels but that was my own incompetence. Forgot to double shrink one bullet. Fool.

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those motors with the right settings don’t even need sensors really.


Did you replace the wires on the sk3? Mine have really stiff wires idk what they are made of

They’re made out of garbage. Best thing you can do is replace them immediately with 12awg or 14awg superworm. Pick your color. As long as its high strand count silicone insulated spaghetti wire, you’re good.

The shit that comes stock on them is pvc trash that melts on hard braking.

but the motors… mmmmmmmmmm so delicious.


Only time I ever have sensor issues is hill starts if it has a little backwards roll but heavy dose of throttle cures it. Not had an issue with burnt sleeve yet but worth noting. Thankyou oh guru.
Any tips on getting the bloody coating off the cores? Last time I was sanding down individual strands for about a year.

leave a couple centimeters stripped coming out of the housing so you can spread the wires out flat and just scrape across all of them with a razor blade after you take a small torch to the enamle. Then flux it all, squish it back together and mesh in your superworm’s bare lead, then add more flux to be sure then take a glob of solder on the end of the iron and let it soak in to the meshing.

then heatshrink it all the way into the windings.


I love this deck and concur with the man love of @deckoz

I mean he fades away and then come back at the last hour to totally angry skywalker TF but with garden gnomes instead of Ewoks

Tell me about your lost phone, you buttoned it up in the enclosure? That’s called early Alzheimer’s

The script somewhat lost opportunity for some character development with @whitepony, but hey season 2 will be balls out


Very nice build!

What are the grommets for the motor phase-wires called?

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They are literally just that. 16mm electrical wire grommets that I modified to make them slightly lower profile.

These things but I cut off the rounded end because it caused the wires to be too close to the ground.

I got mine locally at an electronics store called Jaycar but I’m in Aus. I’m sure wherever you are you will be able to source them or Amazon will have them.

Don’t talk to me about hips…Australian power walking champion 1996.

All I did was break a spirit level in the morning and use my phone app to level a water system.
I then left said phone on top of said water system and drove home. 2 bloody hours away. Strangers house so had to go all the way back. Boys thought it was very funny. Weird they are. Especially that @moon


laughing is the best medicine, hopefully you can do a 180 on the alzheimers


Got a little update on the board. It will shortly be sporting some new shoes courtesy of @torqueboards. When I say courtesy I didn’t mean they were free. Dexter would steal the sugar out of your coffee and come back for the milk. TB110’s are on their way.




I got told off last time I entered into a bant sesh with you so clear off. @janpom gave me a right mouthful.:sunglasses:


Got my 110’s. Although I have to say on examination they are only actually 109.5mm. I have brought this massive liberty to @torqueboards attention trust me. :rofl:

They are things of beauty. Big squidgy bouncy lovelies. (Type that into the hub and see what you get)

In my head 13mm was not a great deal so figured just get the kegel 36 pulleys. No. These things dwarf the 97mm as I 'm sure some of you are aware. They look twice the size so back on the website to order the 44. I only actually ordered 1 pulley anyway due to a brain fart so no drama.

Anyone looking for one 36 kegel pulley kit?

Other issues are the idlers.

Dual 608 bearings will hit the new wheels for definite. If I had used my crystal ball when setting out the position then I would not have an issue. Now have to source some 8mm small diameter rollers or move the idler. Don’t you just love building? Hey I’ll buy some great big wheels, easy swap hey? Fuck no. Anyhoo. The thing is benched anyway due to a battery issue(bad cell somewhere which I will find) so time is on my hands.
Meepo is lurking in the corner with a smug grin on its evil little face.
Why did I sell my other builds and not the meepo?
It has some weird mind control thing going on.
Thats where its at right now but I have been buying like a madman so new stuff is coming.

Carbon rocket downhill deck with hummies No idea of power just yet

Trampa orrsom is coming with liquids.

Deck undecided haggy gear drive all terrain.

All and any suggestions are welcome. I will do full build threads on all 3 but inspiration or experiences will be duly considered.


Quick update. Battery is all sweet and dandy now. Turns out it was me all along. When using the bestech HCX D596 e switch bms you have to turn the switch on to charge even though it powers on automatically when you plug the charger into it. What happened was the bms got its knickers in a twist and almost lost its will to live.
Started balancing already balanced cells and got very hot doing that. Random safe mode shut downs etc etc. Fix was to run the pack down to nominal and then charge to capacity. Fixed. Shout out to @taz for being very patient. Well he wasn’t actually patient at all and was quite rude in fact but everyone loves an I told you so moment. :laughing:
It did say in the instructions how to charge the pack but instructions are for losers.
Anyway battery all back installed and new shoes on now.

She’s back baby! Better than ever.

Anyone out there that loves urethane should own a set of @torqueboards 110’s or indeed you numie aficionados who want to try thane. These are the wheels for you.
Without a doubt the best wheel I have ever used. Massive grip and comfort.