Every rider please be careful! Wear your helmet! Chace Numata

I’m not sure if anyone has posted this yet as it happened a few days ago but the man just passed away from an electric skateboard accident. Confirmed it’s the Miles Board. that he was riding. Rest in peace dude and please be careful everyone!

Story here: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tigers-minor-leaguer-chace-numata-dies-at-27-after-skateboarding-accident-210138538.html


Damn. all bad. my condolences.

How’d you know it was an esk8?


I saw an article but it made it sound like a push board. Definitely sad to hear.

Heard it was a onewheel


Some kind of short board with hub motors?

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Miles board?


Yeah I can’t tell as I’ve been off the esk8 scene until just last month. It looks like a fully enclosed short deck with slight kicktail and hub motors.

Yea thats a miles board.


That’s sad. Gotta gear up guys. I know its not cool to wear ppe. But you.know what is cool being alive to talk about the gnarly wipe out. Condolences to this man’s family and loved ones.


Thanks @torqueboards. I have corrected the initial post as I certainly do not want to point at any brand that’s not involved in such a tragic incident.

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Not that i doubt your keen eye, but can you verify that? Id hate for that to be a resemblance to a Miles and we make false accusations.

It’s kinda obvious after edit: skunk and TB pointed out.


Honestly never had the urge to look one up lol.

Thanks for the confirm bruv.

I pointed it out first, just saying lol


Right around the same time I wiped out, hit my head real hard, helmet completely demolished but I’m alive thank God. Man, I wish he was wearing a helmet, this pains me so much… You know that ucky sinking chest feeling when something bad happens … damn. Fucked up mistake, riding without a helmet, never.

Maybe I feel so shit because I know this could have been me just a day ago, 100%, had I not worn a helmet.

What else can you say, I hope his family and friends urge people to wear helmets.


Yeah wtf. i can’t take credit… Skunk said it first LMFAO


Seems like another accident every month.
Glad it hasn’t been any of us yet.

“Knock on wood”


We were out this past Sunday on a ride. One of the riders comes a little late and meets us on the path. Not even a hundred yards, guy goes around the corner “sending it” and losses it down the embankment. Of skate helmet flies off due to not having it buckled. Pair of shorts and a tank top. Dont get me wrong, the guy can ride like a beast. Just goes to show you what may or will happen @ any time. PPE and awareness!


Yes never under estimate electronics fail no matter how good of a rider you are. I’m a very athletic person and use to skateboard doing off ramps and all that so my balance is better than most people that just want to get into esk8 cos it’s the cool thing to do these days. I had once my board doing probably 10-15mph and no brakes going to the end of the street and jumped off and almost broke my toe cos’ I only had slip on sandals as I thought being slow wasn’t going to be too bad. But just with that speed I twisted my knee a bit and a bruised toe. Imagine going 20+ in that situation. After that I said to myself I would never ride again without a helmet and shoes at least! Ride safe everybody and know your limits. Just like riding a motorcycle (I do have a YZF-R1 as well).