Evan's 1st Mountainboard | The Apex Croix - 4wd atrocity

One of my sensors is broken or has torn wires somewhere, so I switched to HFI tonight.

After trying the various HFI and sHFI modes and playing with HFI gain, I found settings that work as smooth as sensors. I’m running Coupled sHFI with vesc default settings for everything including HFI gain at 0.300.

It makes a little bit of noise, but the back right motor isn’t cogging anymore, so I’ll take it.

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I was down in Joshua tree for climbing with some friends over the weekend. I took a rest day and visited @Arzamenable, Sidney, amd Gorge for some riding and hanging out.

Mike - thank you for the hospitality and the well needed shower. Hope we can ride again soon.


george is plotting the demise of the pet food oligopoly



This remote is freaking awesome. 10/10. I love it. I feel like I have much more control with this remote than thumb throttles.

@Zyb is there some amount of deadband built into the throttle firmware? I’m running 1% deadband on vesc because anything higher felt like too much deadband. (Read: any :grimacing:)

@tomiboi @Venom121212


Have you checked his YouTube videos yet? They’re pretty comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Yeah I watched the videos but didn’t see anything about deadband. Also saw in the zmote thread that there was discussion of brake deadband (which makes sense because brake overrides throttle).

I’d be interested to know if you or @Zyb have a recommendation for deadband setting in vesc?


Board update - 9” tires and range test.

Now running trampa’s 9” mudplugger on phatlads at 25psi. These add a significant amount of cushion when I bunny hop or run over things. Mostly, they are better for the loose dirt I frequently finding myself riding. Less likely to dig in and make me eat shit. It still happens, just less than with the 8” tires.

Only downside is they aren’t as smooth of a ride on road, but I can swap back to the 8” tires for that. The 8” shit slinger are on MBS rockstar ii hubs for hot swap on the jump drives.

I got 32 miles of range out of 80 cells. Most of this was road and trail riding but I did do about 8 miles of gnarly loose hill off rod area climbing to get to the view of the valley.

The 9” tires make me want to go really fast. Also, bunny hopping over ruts in the road is quite hard with a 50lb board.


I’ve been trying to find a reason for this because I noticed the same when I went to 9" tires. I originally did it for the offroading but noticed that I felt a lot more… grounded (?) on the road as well. Still need to try some mudpluggers out though.


I’ve also felt that urge on 9in. My theory is that the road feels smoother on bigger wheels because of the relative difference in height between any given road imperfection and the diameter of the wheel.

Bigger wheels make road feel smoother make rider go more fast


Nice! Yes 9” really help on sand. 8” possible with skill & light rider weight but supermanning always possible. The Trampa golfas are so wide they may make 8” great again

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