[EU] Xenith Group Buy

I’m lazy enough to copy the @glyphiks Aussie GB thread, if you’re aussie then go get one there :smiley:

PM Me if you’d like to reserve a spot GB Ends 3 days after we hit 20 units.

Ok dudes, so I’ve spoken to Jared at BKB about a group buy for the new Xenith.

If we can muster up an order of over 20 units, we can get them for about $210 USD ~ $215 shipped and maybe taxed to your door.

Not a huge saving but still a good deal for a reliable ESC.

Let me know if you’re keen and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Learn more here:

Build Kit Boards

BKB Xenith

The BKB Xenith is a fully featured dual motor controller for your next esk8 project! It is compatible with hundreds of different motors, remotes, and battery configurations. With its single MCU architecture, setup is a breeze! Features: Built in…

Price: USD 199.99

And here:


You could have atleast changed the price from USD to EUR :joy: . I am down for one, pm sent.


Ehh, I’ll be taking GBP and EUR so I guess I didn’t want to convert it until I actually ask for payments
Speaking of which, I’d really prefer payments via Bank transfer or paypal in GBP because I’ll never get to use paypal in EUR


Class act :rofl: i approve.


What about the support for EU customers ? We will have to send back the unit to US, I guess ? Will be too expensive to pay shipping for way and back (and maybe even customs to pay if a new replacement unit is sent, not sure about that)…

Or did I miss something ?

Perhaps @BuildKitBoards could have an authorised repair agent on that side of the pond.

I could certainly recommend one for Australia if that’s something you would consider Jared?

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If Ben @Anubis stocks them I would guess he might cover it to a certain extend? Otherwise we have some very competent repair guys in the EU.


I wasn’t really clear, sorry. I was talking about the warranty period : even under warranty, would we have to pay the way and back shipping to US ?

I’m trying to see if I can become the official stockist for them in the EU, it may happen :smiley:

Also @Slak The chance you get a dead one is low enough that its almost a non issue with only 20 units total the chance of a dead one in them is like 5%


I’m in for one unit. Not that I need another esc, but I just want to support those who makes Jasons life a bit more difficult.
And it’s a nice move to help our community members who never received their Unit from enertion


PM me letting me know you want one :smiley:

Do I want one of these for our project?

…And if the built in antispark would ever fail after the warranty period, I can help out. I rework them to be used with external antispark instead

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I’m interested.

@Anubis, do you know how shipping from UK to EU works in 2021 with respect to Brexit? Don’t the packages need to go through customs now?

Edit: I just did a quick research and from what I understand, as of January 1, 2021 the Brexit transition period has ended and no trade deal has been negotiated between the UK and the EU. So it looks like we now do have to deal with customs when shipping between UK and EU. That’s a bummer.


It just moves the customs stuff from me to you

So, we probably will have to pay VAT on top of it ? Or was it included on the GB price ?


Ship the units through luxembourg to europe and chances are big there will not be any vat


Given that I’ll be sending you a “30$ drone ESC” i dont expect there to be high taxes :wink:


For most EU countries, you actually need to send a “21.99 EUR drone ESC” :wink: since 22 EUR is the “duty free” limit. I can’t speak for other EU countries but in the Czech Republic, once the declared value is above 22 EUR, customs office starts asking questions. Then it doesn’t quite matter what exactly the declared value is because you’ll be asked to prove the value of goods by providing the order, invoice, and payment statement. Then you get to choose between telling the truth and falsifying the documents where I personally tend to prefer the former since the latter is no fun if you get caught.

If on the other hand the declared value is below 22 EUR, the customs office never cares regardless of the weight and contents of the package. My hypothesis is they are overloaded and they are more than happy to let it go if they are legally allowed to.