[EU] [WTS] NanoX (30€) | Calibers (20€) | Belts (4x10€) | Pads (30€) | Pulleys [/!\] SALE [/!\]

Hola everyone,

Things left:

All these prices are without shipping cost from Madrid (Spain) and without the fee for f&f on Paypal, both to be paid by the purchaser.

You can check my profile on the dark side forum here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/u/Lobap



Hi, interested in the deck - how much would shipping to UK?

Hey, I just checked on packlink.com and it says 13,75€ vía SEUR and delivery within 5 days.

So including fees and shipping, 95€ is ok for you? Let me know and I will send you my details.

This is the actual deck, I will post an updated pic tomorrow evening:


Raptor dual hubs and Jet Spud are SOLD! :smile: :smile: :smile:

I have added the SPACE CELL ELITE battery, as I have decided to build a new one.

How much you looking for it?

250€ + shipping.

I have added the BMS Bestech that I use with the battery to the list.

Pics of current status:

Battery price dropped to 200€.

are the wheels still for ssale? if so how much to the uk?

Nope, raptor hubs were sold :slight_smile:

New item added to the list :slight_smile:

New items added to the list!

any left?

I think I still have 8 or 9 left :slight_smile: how many do you need? to be shipped to Sweden?

Battery, deck, BMS and belts prices dropped!

All prices on sale :warning:

My loss is your gain :slight_smile:


are the wheels for sale im from the uk?

There are no wheels to be sold :slight_smile:

Rest is still available except BMS reserved to @Mich21050

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Post updated, BMS sold, rest available.

If you take deck + enclosure (w/ power button + charge port) + battery, I leave the pack for 200€ + shipping.

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Interested in the combo pack, do you have any info on the battery? Can’t find the product page or a data sheet for the battery.
How much would be shipping to germany?

Battery is this one: https://www.enertionboards.com/raptor-accessories/raptor-2-1-battery/

Usual shipping price would be around 15-20 for that weight but I need to check how to send batteries, it might be more expensive.