EU WTS Molicel P42A - NEW - 3,50 Euro at 100+

I guess what it comes down to is we seem to have different ideas of what constitutes a negative experience. You didn’t pay for items that you didn’t receive, so this falls into “no harm, no foul” territory for me.

In which case a negative review seems overboard in my opinion. In your shoes, I would simply go and find another vendor/seller that offers better communication.

No hate, just skate (as the legend @Venom121212 would say.)


Looks like I have to make a report to the Admins here so he gets removed from the Forum.

With his real name I found @Nathraichean and the communication I had with him.

Of course he received as everyone else an answer on his request.
In total 4 replies.

But he was not asking for cells or the NESE cell holders, he was asking for a 12s5p battery pack for his longboard.

So looks like he has no knowledge to make such a pack by him selves.
He received and offer, I explained him about the BMS and I have no chargers for 12S

I asked him for his phone number so we can speak about if on the phone but he never replied.

A copy of all this (in German as he was asking me in German) is in my e-mail and happens the 28th August.

On the 9th September he contacted me again, asked again for a price he received already before but was not replying to my request to have a conversant ion on the phone about it.

I can make a 12S5P pack which has 21mm diameter and is 5 Meter long :crazy_face:
Truck freight will be around 2500 Euro :joy:

So do not sell or make any business with this person !


In Germany we call this “eingesargt”.

Klaus is a stand up guy, don’t waste his time. Adults aren’t afraid to have a quick 3m call instead of repetitive emails.

He sells to those who can fulfil that remit at a very keen price & does a lot to ensure delivery happens

  • Know what you want & ask clearly
  • Pay with delivery details
  • Receive cells

Simples &:point_up:my personal experience

shipping today to @Dinnye

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There is no point in explaining what the ocean is to a toad. It has only seen as far as its pond.


Lol are you talking about yourself ?


I received mine earlier this week (within a couple of days from ordering). All positive experiences. Thank you Klaus!

I will get started on building them into a 21S4P today


Hi Klaus. Kannst du mir mal eine PN senden?
Ich komme aus dem Foil.Zone Forum.

Grüße Markus