EU WTS Molicel P42A - NEW - 3,50 Euro at 100+

Sorry wasn´t online for a long time.

Right now I do not have any left but can get a pallet of 16.000 P42A. They came direct from Molicel, Grade A, but 2 years old so according Molicel lost about 3% capacity.

Each cell would be 3,45 Euro incl. 19% VAT

Hi, Klaus. Can you ship to Ukraine? I would like to buy some.

No I can not.
Right now I have a larger request of 48.000 cells to Ukraine but the import and transport will managed by someone else.
Will send you more via PM.


It is necessity of time. There is a strong volunteer movement to support our deffenders with scout drones. It’s really helps save lives our relatives and friends. Thank’s for your question.


I know and I have already a request like this.
Was send you a private message but received no answer so far.

  1. what?
  1. wow
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Sorry, tried to reply directly, but message wasn’t sent.

I just was sending you a reply your the private message.

I do not like to sse here “(post deleted by author)” and postings not related to the P42A.
If someone is interested in P42A please contact me by PM.

This user sells both here and on the german ebay (kleinanzeigen) and he doesn’t respond to inquiries on both platforms. I am not sure if this is personal, but he couldn’t link my account on kleinanzeigen and my account here and he ghosted me on both platforms. Even if he just doesn’t like me in particular, it seems that the seller is particularly unreliable, which is a shame.


Nah, Klaus is a G.

I don’t think a single forum member has ever had any issue with transactions involving him in years, don’t be a h8r.

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Is the weather not fine in Sofia or what´s the problem over there ?
Here in the forum everthing is tracked and I see who was sending me messages and who not.
As well on every message is saved so you might have messaged someone else, but not me as I´m not offering these cells over there.

There are still over 200.000 cells available for you, ready to ship, in case you need something.

Im not hating, just sharing my unreliable experience. The guy on kleinanzeigen is also from Germany (unsurprisingly) and was also named Klaus Vogel so it might’ve been an unimaginable coincidence.

I don’t mean to do harm to anyone - I might not be an active member here, but I am a member nonetheless and have been from around 2019, be it registered or not.

I shared my bitter experience with the seller and I would be happy if I am able to reach him for an actual pack - as I did before.

Has anybody actually received cells from the seller ?:man_shrugging:t2:

Just to be clear: you’re saying you’ve had a bitter experience because somebody on the internet did not reply to a message of yours?

As in. You’ve exchanged no money with this seller nor had a singular transaction. You’re bitter because of lack of reply to a message. Is this correct?

I would not engage in any business with you if so, sounds like the type that would try to say there was something wrong with the product, ask for the money back, + get to keep the product.

if your mommy has stopped wiping your arse, would you like Klaus to do that for you too? Free on his own time.?

Can’t tell you how many inquiry messages I missed during my days of e-commerce. Things happen. Don’t think I had a singular bitter customer over an actual purchase in over 1k transaction tho. You’re free to post screenshots of your bitter experience, perhaps that would help us to better understand.

This is becoming a bit off topic but It seems that you need to control your emotions a bit more.

I respectfully contacted the seller multiple times and inquired a price and they ghosted me. On two separate platforms.

I just shared my experience to “warn” other users, or just let them know to keep their expectations straight.

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I’ll take this one step further. Klaus has–on multiple occasions that I know of–transported gear for people on his personal flights for no reason other than to be a helpful dude. He also helped a guy who didn’t have a lot of cash build a complete board and pulled off successful group buys. I would buy from him with zero hesitation.

@Nathraichean -

You’re throwing stones at a truly quality human. Yes, you deserve a reply, but to get this salty over not getting one is borderline Karen territory. Like Market says above, I would be hesitant to deal with you in any capacity after seeing this.


also sounds like mistaken identity is involved.


I shared my experience with the seller, I didn’t spice anything up to make him look extra bad or anything. I think it is reasonable to share negative experience. I don’t know who this person is or what they have done and one negative experience does not overthrow the goods that this person has done. You are in your right to show me otherwise, but I don’t think i’ve done bad by sharing. I haven’t sworn at the person, I haven’t made things up, I haven’t been angry in my responses. Me sharing a negative experience does not make me untrustworthy in any capacity and its not exactly “Karen-like”, when I’ve communicated with this person respectfully over the course of weeks, only to be pulled along and then ghosted on multiple platforms. Now it might not be the same person, but I didn’t know that. You must agree that it is an unlikely coincidence.