EU WTS Molicel P42A - NEW - 3,50 Euro at 100+

Molicel P42A - NEW

Molicel P42A - Direct from the factory - no cells via the distribution channel !!!
All cells from one production lot so they can be used to build battery packs in any size and quantity

Any quantity you want
4,00 Euro / cell - Minimum Order 20 cells (If someone needs less, please ask)
3,50 Euro / cell - order of 100+

Price includes 19% VAT Germany
If you are a business and have a VAT number, it is VAT free !

Price does not include shipping !


If someone need packs with these P42A please ask.
I can weld packs based on honeycomb cell holders.

These are only welded with no cabling and BMS.



wish I needed cells…:slight_smile:


price update

3,50 Euro / cell - order of 100+

Price includes 19% VAT Germany

so 2.83eur/cell at 100x. without VAT?
My spidersense is tingling.

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I am interested

How many have you left? Do you have any proof its direct from factory?

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I’m sure he’ll send any proof when requested, but in general, Klaus is highly reputable person/seller.


€3.50/1.19%= €2.94 with out 19%VAT

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Your math is off :smiley:

so if you deduct 10% from 100?

100/1.1 = 90.9… naah bruh

100% is the item 19% is tax

119% includes tax (price given €3.50)

How maths and percentage works (even on a Monday)

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this is 19% vat on 3.5 base. subtracted from 3.5 = 2.835

2.835 * 1.19 vat = 3.37

this is 19% vat on 2.94 base

2.94 * 1.19 = 3.50


It’s to do with the wording VAT (Value ADDED tax)

So we talking about adding 19% @linsus did 19% of the item is Tax

Clasic is advatising.

50% Free ( 1/2 is Free) Vs 50% EXTRA Free (1/3 Free) add one word and you can use a difrent number that looks better

yeah. I always double my money in vegas. but then i lose 50% right away so I still come out ahead. :smiley:

this :poop: is always confusing people. inc me. :smiley:


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Yeah hes right🏆 I’m stupid

I realised we’re calculating different things, I’m deducting a percentage of gross amount and hes actually calculating the Net amount, its two different things:)


can you ship to the united states?

Hi. Do you still have any left?

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