[EU][WTS] Garage Clean up - Griptape, Esk8.de Controller, APS8072S, Bergmeister and 30Q Battery and more

Hi guys.

I am selling out of unused items to get money for my new HAYA build.
Buyer pays for shipping


  1. Blood Orange Grip Tape (Black) 4 sheets - Make me an offer

  2. Esk8.de Speed controller 2 pcs. Brand new never used. Take them both for 280 €

  3. APS8072S SENSORED BLDC MOTOR 165KV 6000W 2 pcs. Has not been used. 110 € for each or 200 € for both.

  4. INFINITY Mini Spring Carve TRUCKS 2 Pcs. Include Silver Springs, Yellow Dampa’s and Spacer’s. Never been used. 140 € for both.

  5. Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh SOLD


  7. All kinds of connectors.
    1. 2mm Bullet connectors.
    2. 3.5mm Bullet connectors.
    3. 4mm Bullet connectors.
    4. 5.5mm Bullet connectors.
    5. XT 60 Connector (Black).
    6. XT 60-M Connector(Yellow).
    7. MT 60 Connector (Black).
    8. MT 60 Wire Plug (Black).
    9. XT 90 Connector (Yellow).
    10. XT 90-S Connector (Yellow).
    10. XT 90 Wire Plug(Yellow).
    Ask for price

You are also welcome to make me an offer on the items

Regards Klaerke91


Thats a big freaking motor

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Are the Bergmeisters used or new? + do they come with the black orings to protect the innertube?

Yeah note that the Bergs are cheaper from haggy (unless there’s something im overseeing)

come with bearings and no import tax I guess

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They are brand new and no they do not come with the o-ring, but if you buy them just contact Timo/Haggyboard and he will send you them for free

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Got a pic of the welded battery cells? Am interested in how you would go about taking them apart if someone wanted a different config.

Oof; no fishpaper rings? That’s definitely gotta be taken apart, if possible.
Judging by the scratches on those cells I’m surprised that hasn’t gone up in flames already :worried:

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yes. i just needed it for a template so i was gonna take them apart anyway. Also the white rings under the heat shrink are for protection so you dont really need them, but good to have

I’d be willing to take the black Bergmeisters without bearings and 3 female 3.5mm bullet connectors for 190€ if you’re fine with that.

Edit: they’re officially mine now :slight_smile:

I dont really understand. Are all cells welded into groups of 4 or just 4 of them and the rest are brand new? Also, where did you buy these cells?

The battery’s has been sold

with a lot of issues in the past. hope those are better :wink:

@Klaerke91 please add pictures to your offers, not only links to the store where you can buy it new.
It´s one of the rules if you want to sell something here.


Then please link me to where it does says that.

how much would shipping be for all the random connectors to the US?


more than they are worth. Im from Denmark so it cost like 30-50$. I added them for people to add to other things mostly

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gotchya, thanks for responding!