[EU][WTB] Urethane geardrive/chain (ABEC)

Title speaks for itself, looking for a nice thane drivetrain.

You did say “nice”:

Also I could sell you my 3ds drives with my green Boa wheels. They’re stuck to the drives, so I’m not sure how I’ll ever replace my wheel bearings when I need to. But maybe you can figure that out :laughing:

Aren’t these meant to use with bergmeisters?

The surf rodz can be used with whatever (buy some chain pulleys if you want), the 3ds drives are urethane. Maybe you can get bergmeister adapters for them if you want, but mine are kegel.

I hate bergs, I want nothing to do with them.

The 3ds drivetrain is nice but I was actually looking for an ABEC mounting

Theoretically I could use a drill to completely destory my kegel adapters so that I can get the wheels free, and then you can buy an abec adapter :laughing:

But that’s a lot of pain and suffering I think best to save for a later day. When my bearings actually need replacing, then I’ll consider it.

Did you epoxy them in or what the hell is keeping them so stuck in place?

Me not drilling the clone kegel core enough and then hammering them on because getting them off was harder xd

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Hahahaha ok that seems fixable, those cores are relatively soft plastic so a couple of flat head screwdrivers wedged in and assisted by some percussive maintenance should persuade them off


Title changed to keep al the kegel bois away

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