EU uSplit Group Buy

Hi All,

I have been wanting to get a uSplit for a while now but the shipping from the USA is prohibitively expensive for a single unit so I’ve been chatting to @Ricco and he is happy for me to organise a group buy for the EU to reduce shipping costs.

You can read more about the uSplit here

The uSplit themselves are $35 each and shipping has a base rate of $14.50, each additional unit adds $1.50 to the shipping costs. Shipping costs will be split per person based on percentage of order value. There will be additional shipping costs to get the units from me to you.

Import fee’s will also be split based on percentage of order value.

All units will be shipped via my residence in the UK.

I will only go ahead with this if there is a minimum of interest 5 units, which means the maximum you will be paying is $39.40 + Import fee percentage + shipping from me to you.

There are a maximum of 12 units available (excluding the one for me) and this will be a first come first serve situation.

I will give you all till the 1st of June to register you interest.

Please post below to register your interest and the number of units you are interested in.


@Ricco is it possible to under-declare the value? import tax is chargeable from 45euros declare it below and it’s fine.

How this is handled will be discussed between the buyers and @Ricco when the time comes :slight_smile:


nice! was just wondering :smile: it’s a great idea to do this GB! but i already have one for my build :grin:


Posting my Interest for 3 units of the Usplit 1.2 i think it is, (with the upgrades for a 4 way split).

To the Netherlands :slight_smile:

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That’s great @Esk, 1 more to go and we have a group buy :).

I can confirm that they are HW1.2 and 1:3 splitters.

I’d be down for 3

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Last week to sign up, if anyone else is interested.

ohhhh, So want HW 1.3 - assuming thats the newest with the max amount of splits.

@Ricco is currently only selling 1:3 splitters, hw 1.2 is the latest version.

These are the latest and greatest version of the uSplit.

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Hope ive got this right, 1: input, for 3 out puts if so, Yeah that’s the buisness :slight_smile:


Yep, that is correct. 1 input, 3 outputs.

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Last day to join in :slight_smile:

Whats the status on this?

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This GB is closed and fulfilled

@MauveMaverick, can you mark this thread closed?