[EU-USA-worldwide] 200x75 phatty tires, Q-128 (MBS T2), QD-326 (Metroboard 8") and QD-322 group buy (it's happening!)

Will take a set if you add

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@kook what’s all this chatter about–are you talking about putting a skinneier than 200 X 75mm tire on the hellcats? Sorry I’m confused what this is about why aren’t people just putting 200X75mm tires on these hubs


yes I’m game in located in NYC area.


Yes I’d like the off-road ones

Edit. Actually they are 200x50? Nah I am after that 75mm width, is there an off-road 200x75 option? Would take a couple of sets if yes.

Also want the 9” off-road tyres that are same as MBS T2, Q-128.

And the 200x75 phatty type Q-122

So I guess 4 sets of tyres if off-road 200x75 is possible

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Messaged factory rep if they could combine 200x75 with different pattern, but I think it won’t be possible, at least not for such a small order quantity like we are asking.

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We need an elegant CADster like @ducktaperules @Pedrodemio @kook @moon etc to pull an MBS hub and design a spacer to remove the width bulge from the200x75 phatty, especially on rockstar II …Maybe this is old news?

Since they are just under compression a lightweight version for fancy printing like so

And a thicker version for saaay CF infused PETG or Graphite which anybody can get down with



These are interesting

I have a pair of Rockstars 2 on hand

A bit trickier since the printed part will also have to house the bearing, unless we increase the center distance from one bearing to another

For Trampa trucks It’s doable


Probably my ignorance, but the 2 bearings are housed in the original hubs sides? Leaving just a need for a longer spacer and bolts?

I’m elderly and confused


Exactly, this way we don’t put much load on the printed parts, with the Trampa Superstars, since the spikes are removable we can keep the spoke placement and just move the rim outwards


I sold my superstars with regular 8” tyres before these fat 8” tired became known. I could rectify that, but like yourself I’ve a set of MBS rockstars gathering dust. Ah actually they are the original Rockstars…never mind.

Platform-wise I can see these being killer on a Trampa shortboard if the build was light enough it may work on not completely hard sand.


Hey guys I don’t want to be a pessimist here but after a quick calculation we are at about 33% of the MOQ. In the past we have seen that groupbuys are mostly completed in the first few days because everybody is really active on the forum. So the guys who wanted to get in already would’ve.
I think trying to get the MOQ down is something we should look for instead of trying to add more tyres. Would like to hear your views on this :slight_smile:

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We’ll that’s like being a pet shop that only sells cats. You are loosing all the dog buyers. Do a 30/70 and you’ll sell more.

Some might not be voting because they don’t want those specific tires but if Tin can add more tires without bringing up the MOQ I think we will have a higher chance of reaching it

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I can agree on this part.

But not really on this part.

I do agree that giving more choices is attracting more people. But what I am trying to point out is that narrowing down the choices might help this case. In trying to lower the MOQ. Like an MOQ of 250 is quite doable I dont think 500 is.
Since we have such a high MOQ even with more tire choices I don’t think we will hit the MOQ. Atm we have 33% of the goal (not including the non voters) so counting in the extra guys willing to get into the group buy by widening the tire choice could maybe double this number to 66%. This still wouldn’t get us anywhere. That’s what I am trying to point out :slight_smile:.
Instead, halving the MOQ to 250 with 3 tire choices. Could get us to the MOQ needed since then we are already at 66% not counting the possible extra people joining in. Then some of us could consider doubling their order to get to the MOQ. Which only half of us need to do if no-one new joins in (again not considering new people join in). See what I mean?

Its hard to explain this via text hahah if you don’t get it I will just write it down. Also considering I am a non native I sometimes struggle finding the right words :sweat_smile:


Does anybody have pics of some Hellcat wides or etoxx or hypa on 200x50
*For science *:call_me_hand:


I see you concerns and they are valid. I do hope more USA people will join when I get shipping prices for them, probably tomorrow. Also, there are few smaller esk8 vendors which could help us reach that 500 MOQ - I am in contact with some of them and I will message every single one if needed. + I am ready to take good part of 500 MOQ if we won’t reach it.
I know GB for 125 sets of tires is in no way small GB, but if we want good price there is no other option. At the end of the day, tires are consumables and everyone riding AT will eventually need new set - and for the price of a set in this GB I believe there is not much to lose.


@nacho I’m going to order some kenda 200x50 and see how they look on the hellcats.


Just noticed this thread.

Tldr are there any 8 x 2 offroad tires being sold?

Also the 75mm wide tires fit super oddly on fivestars. They would be insane on rockstars, being even thinner and not double walled. I’m gonna go do some measurements on what I have laying around.


That would be awesome man. I would definitely order the 75’s if you manage to fit them on the rockstars. I have a set laying around collecting dust atm and this would be a great excuse to use them again :slight_smile:

Nah I’m saying I don’t think it would work on rockstars negate they’re even narrower than fivestar.

T2 225 x 75mm next to a 200 x 50.

But notice how the fivestar has a double lip?
42.7 mm width here

Only 34mm on the rockstar.

8" tire sits on inner lip, 9" sits on outer lip