EU.Need Matrix 2 truck base plate.

My Matrix 2 truc baseplate is bent out.

Matrix 2 have both metal and plastic versions of this part.


I found in EU Just plastic one. It will also work. I have it on nose. On tail need to be metal becouse of motor power.

Goddamn, that is trashed :rofl:

If you don’t find anything local I can help you out.

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That would be big help if you can help me out, vant fint anything lokal…
What would you tale with shipping to Norway?

Lemme check what postage would cost and get back to you

Edit: Can do it shipped for $75AUD

Is that the best you can do?

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It’s stock from our shop, offering it at a discounted price already to try help you out and leave the shop with an incomplete truck. Sorry, but can’t go any cheaper.

I takeit for 70 AUD dollar, let me know your paypal acount.

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Yeah nah sorry. I don’t bargain. Good luck!

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I take them, can you throw inn some bushings? I will pay for them

I take them for 75 Aud $, can you throw inn some bushings aswell, i pay what them cost

Let me know if you can help me out?
I pay the 75, i dosent know that it was new!
Just let me know your pay pal account.

You might find someone who has a spare stock metal after an eToxx mount upgrade if you search


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