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[EU] Manta Pro build unitly

Manta Pro deck, Bergmeister wheels with extra set tires, , MK1 240mm prototype trucks, Unity esc with XT90, VX2 remote (new), precission adjustable baseplates hamocks (as new), 2 sets riptide bushings (barrel and cone both sets new) glassfiber big ben enclosure, carbon X plates, Gearing is 55T wheels and 15T motorpulleys, without battery! comes with front shredlights aswell
170kv motors Dickyho motors
I set up Hfi as one sensor is broke.
Charge port and best on/off switch mounted on top. Last pic
I have had a few boards now metro board, kaly, Trampa and hands down Mark one boards done a great job on this feels so nice
This is the link for the board when I bought it

Will ship any where

**Price (Euro) €1100 buyer pays shipping and Pp fees


Item 2
Price (USD):

  • upload pictures here
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I am in Australia.
I am happy with the price and the build.
If you are happy to ship to Australia, Victoria I would like to purchase the board.

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Hi buddy,

Did this piece sell?

Holding for Phil will know in 24h

Thank you for your answer.

I still have this board

I sent you a PM yesterday.