esk8 calc donate now order taking too long

Hello, Does anyone know what is happening in because i ordered parts from them and havent heard from them since. They dont respond to my emails.


Theyre like the Florida of vendors. But don’t expect any communication, your shipment won’t ship out for 2-3 weeks and if it gets lost youre forced to chargeback.




They’ve been relocating to the UK looking at their socials

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Liverpool… APS are also there


I love the vendors in Florida :rofl:


Right from @b264 mouth


Seems like it is going to take a while then:D

Sounds like business as usual over there.

Wait until you get the wrong parts after waiting 5 months. It’s fantastic. Then you can rest assured the person you have to deal with has never even heard of the phrase “customer service”.

There’s a reason he isn’t around on the forum…


Lets hope i will get something altleast:D

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Against what @b264 is saying I had good experiences with Alberto, all my order has been shipped well, with everything good inside, and without extensive wait
It was although some times ago, 2 years ago I think

Alberto is honest, if you think a refund is better he won’t cause you trouble

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I ordered from him it’s not the fastest to send but when it comes to refunding he does it without arguing.
Did you try to contact him by Messenger?

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A friend of mine had ordered from him just when the lockdown started. Shipping was quite fast than. He bought the 97mm flywheel clones, advertised as 73A. The wheels are hard as rock, but I at least managed to set his expectations correctly for chinathane hardness lol

have you tried waving the gun around?

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I’ve purchased from him 2 times
Landyachtz deck and now an enclosure
You have to terror him through WhatsApp, he’s answering there :slight_smile:
Or if you don’t - the shipment will take awhile

Like from facebook?

Sadly i dont have a gun:(

Will try that!