eskate trailer?

i’m looking to bring my elderly 45kg mastiff out on trips with me cause i feel bad leaving her at home. and she wont be up to running along side me

has anyone used or built a trailer for an eskate? any thing i need to be aware of before i bin my shit into a river


@rafaelinmissouri is running his kids around in a bike trailer. They probably equal out to a mastiff. Chime on in buddy.


There are a few out there


A few more:


that looks awesome! how much of a range reduction do you get?

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Doesn’t affect Range that much to be honest


I need to seee a close up of how you did this. 4wd setup so I have top Mount escs but different boxes.

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Don’t carve super hard.

I have tipped the trailers twice…
When I only had one kid in and it was not super balanced.

Also the Burley brand is expensive but man. That stuff is Nice.

I went through like 3 other trailers before coughing up the cash for the Burley.


So I use my trailer on board with really high gearing.

I made it knowing it would be a tow truck and it has dual 6384 motors.

But when I tow I go slower and mellower and it actually consumes less battery than me riding hard by myself.


I am literally about to load up the 2 boys 5 and 3 to take them to the playground…

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Little dude likes it.


Here is a looksie.


Thats an awesome setup! Just got to try and find one now or make my own trailer.

The missus has already said she’s not going to ride anywhere near me, she just wishes she could be as cool as the dog and I.

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Here is usage from my way to the playground which includes a couple pretty good hills…

Easy on the battery and everything stays cool…


Make sure that whatever trailer you use prioritizes comfort for a dog and can also handle a dog standing up and moving around to get comfortable again without risking tipping over. Not something that would be an issue with small children that can be strapped sitting down but there is no real good way to do the same for a dog.

Might be a good idea to look for a trailer that is built more like a wagon and has wheels in the back and front of it for extra stability when your dog ends up moving. Something where it sits the same way whether your board is connected or not.

I don’t think the version used for kids would be an issue if you trained your dog to get it in and not move at all. A smaller dog could get away with moving around without issues but the size of your dog is what could cause a problem. Plus if you get one that is more stable when standing alone, it will likely feel more secure to your dog.


Apex ESC cases make it easy. Just get a flat aluminum L piece, put holes in it and screw it in with the ESC bolts on top of the ESC case. Then attach the burley piece on the L piece and boom. If that makes sense haha. Best pics I have.

@rafaelinmissouri has a more sturdy way of doing it, but this was easier and held up fine.


I have seen a few dog specific trailers.
the Burley one looks like they flipped the body around…
may sit lower too.

and I do think this working depends a lot on the dog…

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Had a look online, the cheapest I can find is $250 AUD and it looks garbage.

Looks like I might have to build a frame and cannibalize my niece’s old bmx for this project.

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Also dude.
This thread be way cooler if you put a couple pictures of that there beautiful dog!!!

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That trailer is only rated for 75 pounds/ 34 kg, but their dog weighs 100 pounds. I’ve not seen any dog specific trailers made for extra large dogs as is the case with a lot of dog products for transportation.

With how large your dog is, it will likely be best if you can make one yourself, or get a cheap but trashed existing trailer and modify it to work better for your dog. Although if you can’t weld and don’t know someone who does know how to that can help you then it might be cheaper to try and buy one from outside of Australia and ship it in.

I’m guessing that it is expensive to hire a welder in Australia like it is in the US. If it is cheap there then hire someone to help and avoid the shipping costs