ESK8CON 2024 - Vegas April 5th-7th

I’d be interested to see how our board would stack up here, the straightaways would be a killer for this current version. Need more speed

If there was time, it would be fun to run the track mirrored as exhibition races and see what happens to the results…


Just set up the (slightly modified) 2024 track and had a light practice run with @JeffyJ

When i first saw the layout released, admittedly i was a little disappointed with how choppy it looked on paper, however after setting it up to scale and actually riding some lines I’m much happier with it.

The right side of the track (especially the top right section) is definitely the most challenging, but im hoping all these turns will create more opportunities for overtaking, making for an exciting race to participate and spectate.

I think having some decent torque and good throttle control is key for this race!


Just got into Esk8-ing last March. Too much of a klutz for the race so what else would I be able to do at Esk8con? I wanna make more Local esk8 friends here in Vegas and wouldn’t mind making more long distance friendships and tips on how to not look goofy when I’m carving around the city.


Well first off - getting to hang out with tons of new people that love esk8 is one of the most awesome parts about it

Second, vendors! There will be tons of opportunities to try new boards, do demos, and meet vendors.

Third - group rides & giveaways. There will be some cool group rides including redrock, and the last two years there were tons of giveaways, for which, you get a few tickets for free by attending, but you can buy some more.

Also the trading cards in the entry bag are super awesome


Don’t give this even one little thought. It’s doesn’t matter even a little tiny flying fuck what people think about how you look. We leave that to the rest of the world :wink:


I2S The Bay setup some of the Esk8Con track.

Specifically wanted that really hard section. Yeah it’s doable but man it’s tough and slow. The big kink off the straight can get real hairy especially when you’re approaching with speed.


I think most people go not intending to race at all. It’s just cool to gather everyone together, because

  1. You don’t have to race, but it’s still fun to watch, especially if you don’t have a local I2S near you.

  2. The esk8 and greater PEV community is not that large; you’re gonna be able to put faces to random names from online forums in a chill environment.

  3. This is one of the only times you’ll get to see a bunch of esk8-focused vendors in one place. This is especially interesting for all those production boards you see but are a pain to try before you buy because they’re halfway across the country (or planet).

  4. There will be plenty of people with DIY setups that have all sorts of different goals, and you’ll be able to pick people’s brains in person and see how they ride.

  5. The group ride is always fun if you’re into group rides.

  6. You have an opportunity to steal the Hoyt St skateboard display stand.

  7. You can hit up the person you ordered a bespoke board from and get all Karen in their face about why you still don’t have your board you ordered a year ago :rofl:

Worst case, you go and you don’t like it – it’s only a weekend, and you’re in a warm / dry part of the country (when a large chunk of it is currently cold / wet), probably with your board. Go ride!


I’m doing that this weekend on a mini track lol. The Surf Adapter is super fun, but you need to change your riding style quite a bit.


I’ve heard a couple things about the track so far. I haven’t ridden it yet but wanted to ask what people were thinking of it so far. Challenges and advantages to different styles, goofy or regular, board setups etc.


You’ll need a loose setup for sure. But yet stable at maybe 35-40 if you can get there. I think barriers are going to make it a bit scarier lol.


I suspect you have to be a pretty amazing rider to get to 35-40mph on this track. I will be happy with my ass getting to 25mph.

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I think top speed is going to be 35 for the pro class

Probably down to 22 for wider turns and maybe 19 for narrow.


I reckon there’s a few lower speed bends than 19mph! But maybe just because I’m still too slow! The top speed sounds about right. @Tasventouras and myself, with the help of a local EUC rider and tech wiz Julian, set up the track minus the main straight (as it needed to deviate) and it is a pretty technical course!

I was having front motor cutouts so not pushing hard, and the track was very slippery as it needed a sweep so still haven’t got a true indication of speeds just yet. Racebox data will reveal more on the next practice session.



Not the exact track as we couldn’t get main straight to fit our area. Track still very dirty so definitely room to improve a lot but gives a good benchmark.

Won’t be posting further progress as can’t show all my cards :wink:


Those mph or kph?

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Kph. Geez if they were mph I’d be calling the win already haha


Haha true true.


Everyone here has been super welcoming and wholesome and The memes have been funny. As soon as I recover from upgrading to this stinger, I’ll be grabbing that con ticket and practicing my stance more! Would it be weird to expect a vendor like Shredlights to be here in April?