Esk8Con 2023! | The 2nd Annual Esk8Con

The 2nd Annual Esk8Con | Electric Skateboard Convention

Hey guys!

We just wanted to go ahead and start an official event thread of this year’s Esk8Con. After last year’s huge success we are back with a much bigger and better event.

What’s Esk8Con?

Esk8Con is the ONLY Full-Scale Electric Skateboard dedicated convention.

Test ride new boards, get hands on with new products, meet business owners & community members, and experience the most epic group ride down the Las Vegas Strip. And don’t forget, participate in a weekend of Esk8 Racing!

Okay… When Is It?

The 2nd Annual Esk8Con will be held on March 25th and 26th 2023.


Esk8Con is held here in Las Vegas, NV - the convention capital of the world.

We’ll continue updating this thread as we are ready to announce more information. You are always welcome to keep tabs on us on Instagram (@esk8con) and on our website ( )



Our Venue has been officially confirmed! We were able to secure a very nice piece of asphalt in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

900 E Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Each week we plan to post a little Weekly update showing what we’ve accomplished/announced.

T-Minus 9 weeks until the 2nd Annual Esk8Con. Here’s what we accomplished this week. Tons more vendors in the queue to be announced :exploding_head:


Wow, that’s a killer location. Does the location have electric outlets?

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It does! Every light pole has a 4 bank of outlets as well as a single 220. Each with their own breaker switch directly inside of the panel.

Shouldn’t have any issues with power. We do plan on bringing generators just in case though.




Any plans for the heat? I’d love to go but don’t want to pay for flights and a hotel if I can only attend for an hour at a time due to the heat I’m pretty sure no one wants someone passing out during it lol

Also would be super cool if people could chime in on what they did for board transportation and batteries if they had to fly in last year.

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The high in late March in Las Vegas is on average 75-80°F. Last year was a bit warmer in the low 80s.

We also will have a large shaded rest area for guests to hang out and relax.

Will also have cold drinks at the ready!


Usual procedure is mailing your board to the destination ahead of time as I understand it

Unless you plan to bring a 99wh board :thinking:

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We’ll also be offering a free receiving service. Attendees can send their board to our warehouse. You’ll then be able to either pick up your board ahead of time at the warehouse. Or at the event on Saturday.

Once the event is over, we’ll bring your board back to the warehouse and hand back off to UPS or your carrier of choice.

Last year, many guests shipped their board and had it held at a UPS store.

Even with the batteries, if you ship via ground you shouldn’t have a problem.


Wouldn’t that mean at least a week with no board before and after the event though? :thinking: Unless you went with FedEx 1day but seeing as that can be $75 for just a 12"x12" box it will probably cost the same as a new battery. Also not sure if they would allow batteries since it is a service via plane.

Would love to know if anyone still remembers the exact timeline for shipping to the area and then back home from last year.

The warehouse bit is good to know though since it means you don’t need to book a hotel that is okay getting packages potentially before your booked dates.

Fixed that for you :rofl: My body really can’t handle heat well :pensive:

Right, that’s the only thing to consider when shipping your board. Would have to be without for a little while. For those with multiple boards it wouldn’t be too big of an issue. But for those of us with a single board who depend on their boards to get to work, this would be a bit trickier for sure.

Exploring the idea of offering board rentals for the weekend. But still trying to figure out logistics on that. Not sure we’ll be able to make that happen this year but maybe!


What about offering a battery rental option? That way there would be the option to check in a board as luggage, or maybe even get an extra seat depending on the flight prices, and then just rent a battery for the event. Would take more work on our end to make sure the right battery was rented and will fit in the board, but would be easier logistically.

I should technically have two boards working by the event time, but it would mean I can’t start taking apart and upgrading the other board since doing that would mean no transportation.

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With so many different battery configurations I don’t think this is really feasible


Defiant will be there. Hoyt too. Can’t wait to see who else shows up. Should be a blast!


Pretty sure he’s being a bit generous. I think it hit almost 90 mid day on Saturday, which isn’t insane for vegas but my camera gear was certainly suffering.

This year will be on asphalt too so hopefully there are enough shady areas to chill in


I honestly can’t remember what the temp was last year, just working off of averages. I do remember it was certainly hotter than it was supposed to be.

But Yes! Will have plenty of shade!

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It was a lot hotter last year, 2022 the 25th of March was 86*, 2021 was 64* and 2020 was 66*. With how extreme of a winter we have had so far I would bet closer to the other years. This year it’s 55 in Vegas today, last year it was 64 on Jan 24th and 2021 it was also 55 so I would bet closer to 60s than 80s for the dates that esk8con is scheduled for.


Anything FedEx ground you can guessestimate your ground times here.

Id add plus 1 day for both directions…
Also as FedEx employee I wouldn’t ship it with us lol… id suspect you are looking at 75$ one way ground never mind next day or express… My pricing is probably lowballed too its probably more like 100$ one way ground.

Express or next day you are talking 300$ plus easily. Which technically you cant do cause battery…

If you give me dimensions and zipcode i can give you a ballpark estimate.

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There’s always traveling with it on the bus.