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ESK8 Sport LED Strip Controller

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you here.

We are MAXKGO, a science and technology company specializing in skateboard LED strip controllers and BMS, working with 5 engineers who have more than ten years of working experience. Our products will use open source materials but we will also do our own research on hardware and software.

Today, we want to share with you a new project related to ESK8- esk8 sport LED strip controller.

You may want to ask what’s ESK8 sport LED strip controller ?

The ESK8 Sport LED strip controller is a kind of controller could adjust the flashing and light flowing speed of the LED strip to the speed of the skateboard. Yeah, you may understand it just a light controller installed on the skateboard but with 18 modes of 3 states–stand-by, moving and braking state. And your riding speed on the skateboard could be seen on the flashing speed of the LED strip.

How does it work?

The esk8 sport LED strip controller could not work alone but need to connect to the ESC , battery pack and LED strip so that it could catch the speed change of the skateboard and display the changes on the LED strip.

It could communicate with mobile phone through WIFI. Then,you could set your modes of stand-by, move and brake as you like and custom the color but only if you choose single color mode. Rainbow mode doesn’t support color custom as you know it has contained all the colors.

If it’s hard to understand how it works, click here to watch the video.

Now three ESC have been tested successfully --VESC, FSESC and Focbox.

It supports transmission protocol of these LED strips: APA102/WS2801/WS2811/WS2812/WS2813/WS2815

What’s the difference between Nelf S1 and Nelf S1X?

Esk8 sport LED strip controller has two versions: Nelf S1 and Nelf S1X. The major difference between them is the size–Nelf S1 is smaller and more expensive because it requires more effort to figure out how to place the same functions on a smaller board.

But I recommend you to purchase the Nelf NIX version because it’s cheaper as well as mini, just a little bigger than the Nelf S1.

Here is the size for your reference:

Nelf S1: 33.5x13.5x12mm

Nelf S1X: 38x22x12mm


1.Plug and play, no need to solder. On the website you could still see a Nelf S1X black board which is the first version needed soldering. We modify this version then comes out the no-soldered version now.

  1. Mini size, space save. We based on one kind of LED strip controller to develop the esk8 sport LED strip controller but the esk8 sport LED strip controller is more outstanding on its size and functions.

  2. 18 modes: 3 modes in standby state, 8 modes in moving state, 8 modes in braking state, most of modes support color customization

  3. Modes could be set on the mobile phone, easy to use. No need to reset because it will remember your last time option.

Hey guys, what do you think?
We hope you all answer “LIKE!” HAHA
And We specially prepare 100 coupons of $8 for you all, the discount code is MKESK8, for esk8 sport LED strip controller.
If you have some suggestions for the controller, we are looking forward to hear that.
We hope this product would become cooler because of your ideas.
Anyway! Come on! Go for your skating!

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cool, you made a thread. drop your spambots and employees commenting on random threads

Good day, Evwan, yeah we’ve love to hear your idea about this thread.

Hi Flasher, nice to meet you here. :blush:

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All drama aside, this seems pretty cool. Especially if you already have a buck converter in your build. Looks like it communicates via uart. I wonder if it’ll work with u-split


Lets all behave in here and maybe actually look at this gadget. I’m kind of interested in it, i know others are too. However…

@Maxkgoesk8 you and your friends behave. I will not hesitate to burn all of your accounts. I’ve already nuked entire threads. I’m working on a very serious fucks given deficit right now.


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Hello jack, yeah it communicates via uart but now it doesn’t support u-split. May you provide us the details of u-split? We’ll try to add u-split in the product. Thanks.

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Thank you for your kind remind, sir.

We apologize for some mistakes sincerely.

Our original intention was to share the research and development fruits useful to ESK here.

In the future we will pay attention to participate thread in the correct way.

Maxkgoesk8 will be our only official account in this forum. If you find any other information about us but not from Maxkgoesk8, please feel free to let us know.

Hope you can get to know us again from this moment–Maxkgo focuses on the research of ESK8 sport LED strip controller and BMS.

Hope you will like our ESK8 sport LED strip controller. In the future, we will continue to share relevant research and development fruits. Thank you.

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Thank you sir :heart:


We‘ve checked U-split, which is suitable for one-to-three serial port adapters.

Our light strip controller needs to communicate with the ESC frequently.

If two more devices are added to the serial port, the light strip may jitter, affecting outlook feeling

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i would suggest finding a way to allow compatibility. more and more people are transitioning towards uart remotes and loggers like robogotchi. on any esc with a single port, those devices will win over a light system

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also its a serious tag section

Make canbus led controller


this is where you’re wrong. we are currently using usplits with different uart devices without a hitch. don’t state that problem lies with another device without research. it is degrading towards other product creators