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Esk8 cup 2020 17th - 19th July Paris

ESK8 CUP 2020

Location TBA (Near Paris)
July 17th - 19th 2020

Its Electric would like to announce that following the success of last year we will be holding a bigger and better Esk8 cup in 2020 on the 17th - 19th July somewhere near Paris!

Stay tuned on social media and in here for more announcements, Tickets will be available in the new year! use #esk8cup2020 on social media and lets start building the hype!

If you are a vendor and are interested in supporting this event and/or having a product stand please send email us at to get the ball rolling. We cant wait to see you all again next year!

Its Electric


will be there with all new stuff!


That looks fun.

How many tickets sold last year event? 50? 150?

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This time I’ll book in advance so I have no choice but to go :smiley: Great news :slight_smile: I almost finished a board that will at least make it through the underground parcours :slight_smile:


We had around 150 people across the weekend but not everyone raced. We are expecting bigger numbers this year! Its a great event to come and chill, meet some people and ride some boards! Hopefully some of the attendees from last year can give you an idea of the vibe. We wil publish an itinerary in the new year.

We are aiming to hold street and AT races again but we will not be using the caves as it stands, we have other exciting stuff for 2020.


I’m in.


just booked the time off work :slight_smile:

Paris this year was the highlight of my summer. Never expected such a chill weekend with a great vibe and awesome people.

Its just so long to wait for it to happen again.


I will definitively be here! Missed last year because I didn’t heard about this soon enough but this year I’ll make sure to find time to come!
Hopefully this year they will be able to use the track they teased about last year.


Sounds like a great time. Should have the offroad board dialed in by then🏁


sounds great. right now the tickets for me are 220€ not bad


what are the options for accomodation @Lee_Wright ?


It will depend on final location. We will choose an area with ample local options but will also try and offer camping if we can.


The tickets to race were pretty expensive imo

It was about 80 Euro for a weekend ticket this year, that included two full days of entertainment, riding and racing in the caves, big group rides and socialising with some of the coolest people on the planet. On top of that there was the ability to win high value prizes such as a mellow drive, exway x1, ruroc helmet, battery packs, motors, vescs, lazyrolling hoodie, numerous decks, wheels, enclosures etc

It cost us 7000 Euro to put the event on and despite amazing support from the community we didn’t quite break even. We learned a lot about running a big event and hopefully we can put that into practice for next year. All I can say is come and experience it, I promise you will think its great value.


Camping would be awesome. And with a camp fire of course.


I’ve never been across the Atlantic :thinking::thinking:
It may be time


Yes that sounds great. But charging and maintenance need electricity. Use Solar panels it’s summer by then.

With the new regulations france has regarding esk8ing, foreigners need to conform to these laws beforehand, correct? (If there even is going to be a group ride like last time, if not you can skip it but won’t be able to ride legally)

Wenn du mit dem Auto fährst, nimmst du mich mit? :grin:

Yes, due to the new law, the race will be limited to 25kph on track. :joy: