ESC - Electric Speed Controllers

its also the only one with a true sinewave operation. And its completely unavailable.


That’s the issue. I have one and can’t get a second one.

Yeah, they don’t make it selling them anymore. It makes be sad.

they only thing that made me cry harder was the fucking programming interface. the UI was a nightmare.

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True story, can confirm.



So the only real ESC that can handle more than 60V that you can actually buy right now is Vesc 75 / 300 (that actually sold out one of this days)

I’m waiting for VESC 100 / 250 to come out, but I have no idea when is arriving! @Trampa pleassseeee let us know!

Also, OP if you are listing future ESC,'s you should list VESC 100 / 250.

shouldn’t the amp rating decrease when the voltage increase?

100v esc would draw 50a for a 5000w setup.
250a is overkill and why should we be paying premium for 250a capability?

I understand that these are used in 25kW non-esk8 builds, but we should really only be paying for a 100v/50a controller. Anything above is a waste.

In the ebike ESC world, 60a is considered “overkill” because they use 72v+.


I honestly doubt this controller will be interesting for esk8. Way too large and overpowered. Even the 75/300 is sparingly used in prestige builds like Jenso’s single motor monster.


Hello @Rojitor, I just got this exact same enclosure from @Luke but I don’t have any bolts for it. Can you please tell me what kind of bolts did you use (and maybe you even have a link, I’m also in EU :slight_smile: ) ? Around 2.5mm I guess but I’m sure and don’t know the length anyway…

Thanks !

Bolts? It’s attached to the deck with velcro

Sorry, I used the wrong word :frowning: I meant “Screws” ! I would like to know the type of screw I need to attach the black cover to the aluminium enclosure (in the corners) and to attach to PCB to the enclosure, inside (not seen on your picture above).

It’s in red and green on the picture below, I think it’s all the same type anyway and I guess M3 (as my caliper give me 3mm).

Those marked in green are put there as spacers. Just to give 5mm of air under the escape.
Their size is irrelevant. The black ones are m3

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do you know where I can get the new ones? 12S

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Not available to end users, just for Exway’s boards. You can buy the generic 10s, though, and it’s a capable but sleepy performer.

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thanks BillGordon, may I ask where I could find the 10s version then… I wanna try it … maybe is enough for me… looking for a cheap solution…

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Yup, can get it from Wowgo or Ownboard.

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i think it’s time somebody add the stormcores to this table so we don’t have to scroll through the 2k5 posts of the official threads to find basic informations pleaaase

also there’s no “specs” table on the Lacroix website, which is kindda sad