Enertion Raptor 2.1 Partially-complete board for sale! (SOLD!)

Enertion Raptor 2.1 - No internals (battery, e-tray, Unity, etc.)

History: The board was received in March 2019, it was then ridden very little for three and a half months total, before the BMS failed and took the battery with it. The hub motors have been fantastic since day one - lots of torque, they got warm to the touch at worst, no thermal throttling. The out wheels are believed to have come from a VERY good batch, as they have no signs of breaking apart, but obviously have signs of use - I’ve photographed the absolute worst parts of each out wheel (not major in my opinion) as well as the front wheels, other areas of the wheels are fine. The deck has a small dent in the nose (behind the deck protector) and minor scuffs on the tail. Handles have minor marks. The battery, Unity and e-tray have been removed from the board.

I have no use for what is left of the board now, so now is the time to buy the board as-is so you have spare parts for your board. There is also the possibility of parting the board out if that’s what people prefer.

There are lots of photos of the board, as well as detailing the areas showing signs of us. I also have a video from July 2019 (when the board was last together and working), showing the motors spinning and sounding great. The video was shot after a successful Unity motor detection. I can send this to anybody interested in buying the board.

I’m in Surrey, UK but can ship world-wide, most likely with UPS, but rates/carriers can vary depending on where you’re buying from.

If you want to buy the board as-is, you will get:

• 2.1 deck and enclosure

• Front and rear complete truck/hub motor/wheel assemblies

• Spare NEW 90mm out wheels

• PLUS the original Raptor 2.1 box

• PRICE: £500, shipping and country-specific PayPal fees to be added

• I can ship world-wide, but shipping prices will vary

• Please see separate parts deals below, as item specifics are explained…

Hub motors and rear truck:

• For reference: New, replacement motors were ~£185 each from Fat Daddy in the Netherlands, when they were previously available as spare parts

• 3 and a half months worth of minimal use

• Motors got warm to the touch after use, but nothing more than that - no extreme heat and no thermal throttling.

• These do seem to be from a very good batch of motors!

• Original urethane is starting to show signs of use, but are in-tact and OK to ride on - a rare good batch?

• The hub motors worked perfectly last time the board was in use, lots of torque and motor detection during Unity setup showed zero problems!

• PRICE: £330 complete assembly, shipping and country-specific PayPal fees to be added.

• I can also include a spare set of BRAND NEW 90mm out wheels for an additional £30, so £360, plus shipping and PayPal fees

Front wheels + truck:

• In good condition, the truck has one scratch

• 3 and a half months worth of minimal use

• Near to zero wobble, a rare good batch!

• PRICE: £50, shipping and country-specific PayPal fees to be added.

Front and rear complete assemblies deal: £400 + shipping and PayPal fees

2.1 Deck and Enclosure:

• Deck has a small dent on the nose and scuff on tail

• Handles have minor marks

• Enclosure has upgraded screws with deeper allen heads (OEM screws had shallow allen heads)

• There’s no e-tray as the BMS failed, so everything was removed from the board.

• Original Raptor 2.1 box will be included

• PRICE: £150, shipping and country-specific PayPal fees to be added


• The country-specific PayPal fees are to help me with buyer and seller protection, as you’ll be buying a ‘product’.

• The fees vary depending on which country you are buying from.

• Shipping will include full insurance and a tracking number.

Many thanks for looking!



Hi there, pretty sweet setup you have there, would be happy to take the board as is please PM me/or reply here and we can arange the paypal and shipping.

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Hey Ryan, I’ve replied to your message, thanks! :slight_smile:

Got quite a few unused original battery’s, e-tray’s and unity’s left if you still decide to complete it.

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King Nelson

Thanks for boosting the thread guys :joy:

In other news, just added a photo of the Enertion box!

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Now sold! Thanks to those that contacted me :slight_smile: If anybody needs spare parts, Fat Daddy in Europe have stated on IG that they’re down to the last few items, might be worth reaching out to them.