Enertion hub motor sleeves

Does anyone here have any Enertion Raptor 2 hub motor sleeves for sale? I need some as my current wheels are starting to come off in chunks. Or if anyone knows where I can get better sleeves from that’d be awesome as well. (I made this post before but those sleeves are starting to come off in chunks)

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Bad news:

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Whelp guess im gunna have to go to normal motors lol. Maybe its for the best

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Did you manage to wear a set of them out?

Theyve got a nice chunk missing from one of the edges

Ahh, 7 or less miles then. Condolences.


Pretty easy to get some ownboard or meepo hubs on there. Much better performance too. No more fearing for your life as well. Good bonus :wink:

Sorry for your loss but also

Welcome to the rabbit hole

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Ive never feared for my life on these lol. The motors are absolutely wonderful just the material the sleeves are made out of suck

I’ve got one spare sleeve for my Neo hubs, I know the feeling.

Both crashes were from parts coming of the hub sleeve.

These hubs have known chunking issues and will put you in the hospital if you are unlucky.

I just had an idea. I literally have a 3d printer. I can just experiment with a shit ton of molds until i find what works best. Maybe even sell those molds (for very cheap im not looking to make profit i couldnt do that to my enertion brothers) and maybe be able to finally get good wheels. Shouldnt ne hard to make a mold either

Famous last words!


I applaud your spirit, but I don’t see this working out great from either a time investment standpoint or in terms of the finished product being not only rideable, but sharable.

As much as I hate to rain on your parade, I really think it’s time to retire those hubs.

I’ve got some new and some used 100mm crossover sleeves if you’re interested.
No chunks on the used crossover sleeves and they’ve been through quite a bit of riding. The new ones are from the same batch so there’s a good chance they’ll hold up just as well :slight_smile:

I’m in Germany and can ship anywhere, but it would probably only be worth it in the EU…


would these even fit the normal 2.0 hubs?

Wow. Real, actual unobtanium there.


Yup, I pulled the used ones off a 2.0 :slight_smile: