eLOFTY Direct Drive first impressions! - The Future of Esk8? (A Lee Wright Video)

Our man @Lee_Wright is away on holiday and asked me to post here when his next video drops so here it is - eLOFTY Direct Drive first impressions! - The Future of Esk8?



Mo mo mo mo.

You need to get more involved here mo.


Hey mo. We all aspire to find someone who looks at us the way Lee looks at you.

Can we get your vesc settings for good braking ?


What gloves are you using @Lee_Wright?

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Yeah Mo. Get more involved or risk having you butt plugged.
Oh wait :thinking:


You two vibe really well together on camera.

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Name of their first sex tape.


“God Vibrations”


Man! This makes me wan a get mine on a board before the summer is over. Still waiting on my unity for mine :joy: ugh. Thanks for the video


The motors are great. I’m reserved about that motor mounting mechanism tho. Especially after I snapped my axle. I’m gona be changing how it’s mounted to reduce some stress.

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Flatland 3d pro esk8 gloves bro, they are good

Cheers Mo!

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Batt 40/-15
Motor 50/-60

I’m running a 10S6P pack with 25R’s so I’m a little over the max charge current of 24A but it is not like I am dumping 30A into the pack every time I break. I would rather stress the cells than not be able to stop.


I do try. I’m planning on taking over Lee’s channel eventually. I need a camera/editing
guy :wink:

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I know a few people that could help Mo, from the porn industry ofc so expect the end of every youtube vid to contain a facial :joy::+1:

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Same as off the camera, Lee is a good man, makes me laugh and we have fun riding the lanes around reading.

It’s going to be epic. Now I have some butt plugs made by @taz we can really let loose. (We might need some bigger ones though) :blush:

How are you changing they way they are mounted? How is the replacement axel?
I guess just checkling the axels and motors for any play is the only think you can do and when they strech, get some replacements. I might acutally speak to Kenna and see if I can get another set in advance.

DO IT DO IT DO IT… Why not get a differnet VESC until then? Have they sorted out the problems with the unity’s yet?

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Thanks. And you are using the standard “current no reverse with brake”?

Mate just treat buttstuff like middle aged weightlifting. Progressive overloading.

You want to ease into it, no one wants a fissure.

I’m very experienced in these matters

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Runs off searching for big diameter aluminium stock…

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Otherwise known as the less protective offspring of the Knox Orsa Mx gloves.


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Yes I am.

You might have to come on set and give us some advice

in a few months you might need a bigger lathe

Ohh those look nice.