"Electric Vehicles Battery Problem"

Brand new video on lithium batteries from a great YouTube channel


“We need to save the environment by building electric cars for everyone” -people who don’t get the scale of the problem

Thanks for the post, the info changes fast in this space so it’s good to stay caught up.


Really really high quality video. Good watch, and quick.

I love the ending:
Intense, weighty discussion of weighing the harm against local communities in mineral mining vs the global need to evolve from ICE vehicles … analogies made to gun ownership/violence, covid lockdowns, death in overseas wars…



For anyone who enjoyed this video, check out Molly Wood’s podcast How We Survive (How We Survive - Marketplace). She actually goes to Thacker Pass and the Salton Sea and talks to local residents. Super interesting and she’s an excellent host.

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Here is the truth. We must start allowing the frustration of NOT having personal vehicles. We MUST have rail, and put our cars on that train.

We must use PEVs far more and see exertion not as peasantry, but health.

We must continue the trend to work from home.

We must develop home industry, to stop getting everything from across oceans.

We must make things not profitable, possible or capitalism will see us extinct before we act. And make capitalist societies unfeasable, with commie socialist societies eating our lunch.

We must use dual use zoning far more. And downplay travel as the end all be all of aging or making it.


Oh look skatebored is back lmao

Hope it doesn’t happen while I’m alive I love my car

No this sucks

Possible but not going to happen for a long time

:rofl: wtf


The top comment sums up what needs to be done alongside any battery innovations if we are actually trying to reduce our overall footprint as much as possible.

“One way to cut the growing demand for lithium, cobalt, etc. is massively shifting mobility towards public transport, cycling, and walking in combination with more efficient land use promoting these modes of transport. It’s not an easy fix either, but we’ve known that it works for decades and we have all the technology we need for it, so we can start that shift right now.”

The Netherlands has been doing this for decades and France more recently has been adding a ton more bike infra from what I’ve heard.

Like I love my skateboard and emissions wise it is miles better than a car but if I was solely trying to reduce my footprint I’d be biking. I feel small PEVs are a good compromise though.


We expect how we were raised as a guarantee. That is why Boomers are eating us up. They will not allow us to advance till they are dead.

Humans think change is punishment.

Just look at how our DEMAND of FREEDOM has ruined our ability to deal with a pandemic. We are incapable of investment in industry till it is able to support itself.

We made a lot of choices to wind up where we are. I am a plastic injection moldmaker. We have been DESTROYING my trade for years. I have not worked for a company that was not in the process of shutting down, moving or being bought. Wages have stagnated since the 70s.

We have lost our knowledge base for many products. That will take years to redevelop. ALLL choices we made. Or rather, those companies made for us.


Bruh, this @Skatebored guy knows what he’s talking about and he’s decades ahead of our “here and now” car-brain thinking.


If you like driving a car that’s nice, maybe you would like living in the Netherlands where car drivers are among the world’s happiest. This happened as a consequence of their de-emphasis of car travel, not in spite of it.

Cars have a near-insatiable need for space at the systemic level, and all that infrastructure is carbon intensive (~100 gas cars worth of lifetime emissions per mile of road lane, not counting car storage sites), which is why electric cars won’t get to the root of the problem.

Car centric development spreads out populations, which incentivizes larger and more energy intensive places to be built farther away, requiring more infrastructure to be built, and making it more difficult for anybody to avoid owning a car because the jobs are now really far away from the houses. The terminal stage of this pattern is called “Houston, Texas” among traffic engineers.

More compact population centers that are easy to walk and bike around, and that make use of electrified rail transport, are one of the most effective ways to reduce environmental impact without reducing living standards. They are energy efficient and don’t require rare minerals or 15-years-away-we-promise tech to work.

Not that my country will ever do that of course, aLL hOpE iS LoSt LMFAO. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Maybe not but anything remotely close to what you guys are talking about is at least 15-20 years away

I don’t really get why people have a problem with cars, it doesn’t make sense. Do you not like driving? Or is it paying for gas? Why do people even bother looking at cars as pollution machines when the factories in china making everything else we use produce more pollution than your car ever will

Don’t even get me started on California taking away car tuning - makes me want to move somewhere where it isn’t regulated

Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford an electric car and it was convenient, I might consider that as well

I ride my PEV’s because they are fun. That is all

Maybe during the summer I’ll ride my board to work once or twice a week to save maybe ~$8 in gas


The biggest argument I have for anything is

If you want to change how people live to make the world sustainable, you won’t. You have to find ways to make it sustainable / less polluting / whatever while changing as little as possible. People hate change


Right - IMO, attempting to get rid of car-centricity is a pointless cause

Except in dense environments like NY or SF that might make sense for rail


Lol yep, that’s why I said it’s never gonna happen :rofl:

I personally find most driving to be boring, at least on public transit i can read stuff, but that’s not really the point. People who think driving is fun aren’t really the problem either.
Like i said before, all the things that surround cars in a car centric society are the problem. It’s the strip based commercial centers, the long commutes, the noise and air pollution, the impossibility of walking from your house to a park or a grocery store. You’re right, it’s impossible to unravel at this point.
If you think that the simultaneous existence of coal powered factories overseas are a good reason to not care about these things, you’re missing the point. :man_shrugging: It’s more than possible to object to both at once.

Edit: For the record I think cars are sweet and I watch formula E and motoGP. That’s a different question than about how i want to organize my daily life tho lol


I’m nitpicking here but I would argue that while it is possible to walk to the grocery store - I have a vons about 200 ft from me, I DO NOT want to carry a weeks worth of groceries back to my apartment

Hence the car - even Trader Joes where I do most of my shopping is like 7 minutes by car maybe 20 by board

I ain’t trying to carry all that back - and how would you ever have enough necessities nearby to survive without a car anyway? ignoring public transport, it just isn’t possible with the number of people that exist now

Hmm I guess that is true - I do think the anti car thing is really overrated though


Oh hell yeah me neither - I pick up groceries 2 or 3 times a week, on the way back to my apt from the bus stop a few blocks away. It’s very time efficient and i end up not wasting a lot of food. Giant grocery runs are another aspect of car centrism that’s rarely talked about.

Might not work if you’re shopping for a family, but i just wanna point out that if you live in a location that doesn’t force you to have a car, you actually get more out of the bargain than just not having car expenses. The location itself is important. I have a grocery store and a laundromat within 2 blocks of my apt, department stores and my bank and doctor’s offices within 5. The dense location gives me options.


Yeah true

Lol I have all the food you could want nearby me. Bank not so close but don’t really need to go often, same with doctor and dentist. Super suburban where I live

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People TUNE their diesels to COAL ROLL. Should that be widespread?

I too think that testing a tune should be cheaper and easier, if it doesnt pollute more. But we must have inconvenient standards, if we want to actually make headway.

Well no I don’t necessarily agree with that but taking it all away really sucks

I’m going to mod my car no matter, they just made it WAY more annoying

I feel like this was the idea behind CARB but very poor implementation. I haven’t really tackled it yet tho so I am a bit uninformed

ONLY one way to get a tuned car passed reasonably. Put in a modern engine, and DONT tune it. A LOT of power can be found that way.