EGO Yard Tool Battery on a Esk8?

I want to add my EGO yard tool Battery to my Board. I tried this on my daughters electric Jeep and cooked it. So, seeking advice before I ruin the board.

I have the adapter to connect it to the board but the Voltage and Amps are way different. Which I believe is what cooked the car.
This is the battery I removed from the eSK8

And this is what I want to attach (as I have two and can carry one)

So, main question is, how do I do this and what am I missing to throttle the power?
Has anyone tried this? Terrible idea? I have several of these sitting around and I can swap them on the fly, so…seems like a no brainer.

2nd Question… I also have about 10 Mikita Batteries for cordless tools. But, they are really small and shaped poorly. I feel like I am better with the eGo battery but open to feedback!



Did u have any fun with the jeep prior to cookage?

U need a compatible esc and rated motors, not to mention more information on the specs of that pack. I wonder if u could step down and use 36v from the 56. I dont know much about that.

but none the less an antispark will help

I was mildly enjoying the Jeep. I was thinking the bigger battery would make it a lot more fun! I was wanting to upgrade the remote to a real one for RC cars. And keep extra batteries. But, my vision exceeded my skill!

Thanks for the tip on the Anti Spark! I’ll check it out. If you know which one is the right one, please feel free to tell me. I didnt do my homework in school and it shows!

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They are called xt90s, i didnt see any in the photos and could be a coulprit of burning items. I mean that esk8 needs to be taken apart to see the internals before yah go buying things.

If it has a switch it most likely has one built in, i uaually install one on my batteries anyway from prior f ups.

Also i wouldnt recommend running that batt with out at least checking the esc specs.

What yah could do, if ur handy, is rebuild the pack into 36v, or series some smaller ones. The voltage matters for sure but i reckom a 10s evoard with good cells should be enough for a smile.

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My battery connector has those Yellow XT90 connectors. So I can assume it has an Anti-Spark already?

The button if there is one on the board would act like the loop kep and or an electronic intergrated esc switch…

I am by no means suggesting to use these items however if ur gonna you might want to invest soldering/spot welding skills.

I wanna say the small batteries if in good shape will be your better bet since you can parallel more.

If u build a new battery id recomend keeping thinfs the same except the mah of the pack.

That way u could plug a new battery in and not worry about programming. Is there an upgrade pack avaliable for that board? Try and copy the specs.

Yo i just realized. Those connecters are xt60s? They would not be an xt90s.

I’m pretty sure it is a ling-yi based board on the esc and they don’t have integrated antispark on them at all. You get a nice spark noise when plugging the xt60s in on them. No xt90s in there at all. The tiny xt is an xt30 for the charging port to connect to the battery. Port is on the esc enclosure so the battery enclosure can fit as much battery in it as possible

The Team Gee board shares a lot of parts, including the enclosures, with the Lycaon GR models or at least the old ones. Those enclosures are super strong and the gaskets are great for keeping water out so @ChloesDad don’t toss those out.

As for the battery, so long as you can step down the voltage to ~42-40v you should be able to use the tool pack. I wouldn’t step down to 36v since you’d be loosing power for no good reason.

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The makita battery packs you said you have are 5S 18650… so two of them would make a perfect 10S replacement for the stock 10S pack.

Much easier than all the steps to get the 14S Ego pack to work on the 10S system.

Nice that the makita tool batteries have BMS built in, I hear some like Milwaukee m18 BMS in the battery is pretty much only used when charging the battery. It doesn’t provide low voltage cutoffs… the tool has to.

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Awesome news! How do I do this?

Alternative question. I am talking to a Battery company on Alibaba. They asked if I need a BMS (Battery Management System) on a battery I am asking them to make.
DO I NEED A BMS (in the new custom made battery) for this board when just swapping the battery pack?

Could I just get this Anti-Spark and connect the 56v battery?

Yes, you always need a BMS.

You’d probably fry the ESC if you connect the 56v battery to it even if you use an anti-spark first.

You should be able to find some DC to DC converters online if you really want to use the tool battery. You might have to be one with an adjustable output unless 56v to 42v is commonly needed for some reason.

You can add in an antispark if you really want to, or just switch the xt60s to xt90s with anti sparks in them so it won’t spark when plugging it in. I never bothered with using one with my esc and it never had any issues. You should use an antispark if you ever switch to a vesc though (unless it has one built in)

You’re not gonna get that battery to work with the board without a lot of fuckery and expensive parts. Its not worth it.

Get a new battery made for the board by a reputable builder here. Don’t waste your money getting a pack built on ali, it will be garbage.


I would not do this.

Just use a 75V ESC

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I’m new here. Any builder you would recommend?


been using a 380wh battery from a scooter for like 3 years, so why not

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Not too bad seeming. I would be hype to try it out!