eFlow Skate Banana


That’s looking legit!


Ah thank you sir! Its working about as good as i had hoped it would. Cant wait to get it on some fresh asphalt.


What’s the specs on everything?

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6374 torque boards motor. 14 tooth motor cog from Boardnamics. 80 tooth wheel cog. 12 inch rim with freewheel. 5 inch brake disc. 36 volt 10s5p lithium battery. Flipsky FSESC 4.20 mini single esc. Flipsky Vx1 remote. Flowboard El Arco axles. 14 inline skate wheels. 146 cm Libtech Skate Banana deck.


The rim, freewheel, tire, wheel cog, belt (500 mm), and disc brake are from Electricscooterparts.com


Damn that’s a fine creation :heart_eyes:


Thanks a lot. It’s all based on how to make the Flowboard ‘El Arco’ wheel hangers work their magic without having to bomb hills.

That’s a real special machine you made, I think it came off looking very natural :call_me_hand:

Thanks man! I havent been so stoked in ages. Its proving to be a bit tricky finding a balance between having my feet completely unstuck and fully locked down. I havent gotten around to putting grip tape on and the few times ive stood on the bare deck have been pretty wild. Its torquey enough that the front end lifts up if im not easy on the throttle. Itll do that in turns too, which can throw me off balance.

So far ive done my best carving with step-in bindings and hiking boots. I have yet to master getting the back foot locked into the binding while in motion. I’ve been strapping both feet in while sitting on a chair then push off from there. Definitely not cool to require a chair everytime i ride!


I have a board that’s similarly weird to mount, and I made my own open ended bindings for it out of fiberglass and EVA foam. You can get a really good fit by using your own shoes as a mold, and then choose the degree of coverage and retention by messing with the shape and stiffness.

I chose smaller and more flexible, so they act a little more like foot-stops than bindings, and I can still position my feet a little. With a good deal of practice I’ve also learned to do a standing start by hopping my front foot onto the board.


I see, so with your shoes pressing outward on each fiberglass piece does that give you considerably more power in your turns?

A bit, yes. It works better heelside than toeside. It would be a lot more effective if I made them stiffer, but I erred on the side of being able to eject safely.

That makes sense. I’ve actually only ridden one eskate, a Backfire with all terrain-ish wheels. I found it difficult to carve at speeds higher than about 15 mph. The centrifugal force overcamè my ankle strength on toeside turns. I wanted to try it with footstraps. 10 to 12 mph was the sweet spot for doing the kind of slalom turns i like. Then it was a pretty fun ride.

Thanks for showing me the pics. I may very well try that.

This stuff actually works surprisingly well. It grips my shoes nicely. Its tricky to take off and get my back foot in without stepping on it and bending it all out of shape. Im sure it will get easier the more i do it.


I wouldn’t have thought of that, nice solution/


If you have a printer i can send u 3d printed binding file! Ive been running them as heel straps but they would certaily fit this application.

Edit: would need a rachet strap that mounts to deck, could accommodate for you.

Of all the things ive tried to ensure that my feet stay on the board these actually work pretty well. They grip the tops of my shoes in a good way, keeping my toes from lifting. They obviously look janky and sketchy but maybe the same basic mesh design in plastic could work well. I just wanted to throw it out there for those of you who like some form of foot binders on your all terrain, or whatever, boards.

Ive never tried actual well designed mtn board foot straps though, so maybe these are


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I forgot to include this in my build updates. I dont know, i just think it sounds kind of rad.