Editing Remote Firmware/Source Code?

Does anyone know how to edit the source code of an esk8 remote? Thinking it would be really cool to have it display my name as it powers on.

I tracked down the OEM of my specific remote via Alibaba, who is able to edit the code but told me that I would need to order 500 of them first (NOPE). Free Ship 36v 30a 31mph Mainboard Display Esc Parts Skateboard Remote Controller - Buy Skateboard Remote Controller,Electric Skateboard Controller,Electric Skateboard Parts Esc Pcb Product on Alibaba.com

The remote appears to be highly integrated with the ESC as I’m not able to pair it with different remotes.

I was reading on some other threads and saw that Vedder built an application for editing remote firmware? Does this work only on the trampa wand? Are there other ways to edit remote firmware?

the remote in question is a hobbywing remote, u can send an email and ask them about it. but i highly doubt they would provide any guide / tools on how to do it.


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If you get a @Trampa Wand it can be done, but I’d do research before selecting that remote.

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