eBoardsPeru Black Friday Sale (Enclosures, Battery packs and combos)

Hello builders:

I’m going to be offering some nice deals for Black Friday, this is the only time of the year I make discounts on the products of my shop so hope you could jump in and support this fellow server of yours so I can continue developing new enclosures for the community.

Here is the deal, coupons will be valid only for 3 days, from Black Friday Night until Cyber monday midnight (30/11 - 02/11), after that the prices will return back to normal.

givemebackmy20bucks US$ 20 off the purchase of on any enclosure
giveme20percentoff 20% off the purchase if you order 2 enclosures or more
50bucksoffbattery US$ 50 coupons on all battery packs
givemebackmy50bucks US$ 50 coupon on combos (decks + enclosure + bolt kit + rubber gasket)

Combos will be delivered at the end of December
Battery packs and enclosures will start to ship in January (first ordered first delivered)


Battery Packs


Thanks for all the support from everyone though all these years! :slightly_smiling_face:


So tempting! Appreciate all your efforts on behalf of the community as well.

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is shipping to aus gonna be more expensive then before for combos? How much will shipping be

Guess I’ll give myself an evo enclosure for christmas :call_me_hand:


Ordered an enclosure a couple days ago, hopefully I won’t have to wait until January :cold_face:

No. Only BF deals will ship a bit later. Your enclosure will ship next week as soon as I finish it


Nice deals there brother. May have to skip the wifes xmas present this year. She won’t mind.


Don’t cheat on Ben


might have to settle with the evo 40. More room for a 21700 12s4p. I assume it’ll fit a unity with that setup? Top mount trucks and reverse motor mounts.

Yes, that deck is perfect for 12s4p made with 21700 cells.

What’s a good setup for street wheels…TB218? Or you have another recommendation for the SB40?

For street wheels I’d suggest the Surfrods RKP or TB218 but mounted on top, not drop through.

It looks killer and ground clearance is not bad.


Is there an option for not drilling thru the deck for combo kits? I’d like to keep the clean look on top of the deck.

Haha :rofl:

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Gotta take matters into your own :open_hands:

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easy method, just regrip over the screw heads

Yes, the option would be to make a hole almost to the surface (this will be an approximation task) and install this kind of inserts. However, the process is more complicated as you need a bench press drill to make a good job.

If you don’t want to see the head of the inserts just regrip the deck and they will be gone, for me this method is easier, bulletproof, way less marging of error and easily serviceable in case you need to replace an insert because of thread stripping .


I wonder if you could use a hair dryer to partially remove the existing grip, and then reapply it once the inserts are put in. What’s the point of buying a Landyachtz if people don’t see the branding? /s

This is very true, I just can’t stand the look. That’s why we pay @Sender to do sexy inserts

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Hi Alan, I would like to purchase a LY Evo Falcon 40 enclosure from your website during the BF but there is no dimensions on your website for thoses enclosures (SS or DS). Some enclosures have pictures with measuring tape but not those ones (or I missed them) and nothing in the description.

It’s for a lipo build so I need exact internal dimensions to be sure my packs will fit inside :wink: Pretty sure I need a DS as the SS won’t be deep enough I guess.