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eBoardPeru 2020 Black Friday Sale

Hello Guys:
As I usually do, I’ll be offering a Black Friday sale on esk8 enclosures, accesories, decks, combos and battery packs.

Here are the coupons codes, they will be valid between November 26th and December 3rd. Hope new and experimented builders can take advantage of it and create amazing builds.

20offblackfriday2020 20% off the purchase of 2 enclosures or more
freerubbergasket Free rubber gasket with the purchase of any enclosure
50bucksoffbelow500 US$ 50 off any battery pack with a value lower than US$ 500
100bucksoffabove500 US$ 100 off any battery pack with a value higher than US$ 500

Feel free to place orders at

All orders should be fulfilled by the end of December or the begining of January depending on the ammount of orders I receive. If you are in a hurry and need the parts ASAP I suggest you place the order with no discount code as I’ll priorize them.


This looks really neat. Do you make this stuff?
I take it from your way of writing you are in the US?


Thanks, just updated the original post!

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All batteries are shipped from USA Texas and enclosures from Lima Peru :peru:


Bag of goat feed and a few bananas are still my offer


Does the 20% apply to an enclosure AND an enclosure+deck combo?

It only applies to the purchase of 2 enclosures or more :blush:


Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I was just thinking of buying an enclosure from you.

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Is it possible to have different delivery destinations for the two enclosures?

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Payed with 2 different PayPal accounts?

It is a joint purchase with a friend.
If shipping two enclosures together to one address reduces eBoosted shipping charges, forget what I said.
If the shipping charges are doubled for two enclosures, I would like to have separate shipping destinations.

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You need to select only one shipping destination when using your coupon, :wink:

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