DV6S Can-bus failure after inverting motors

Hi, I just got my dv6s in yesterday. I went through inital testing just fine, i setup the motors etc and did detection. Once I went to invert the motors after finishing putting the tires on, the can side no longer works properly. The motor sometimes gives a small jolt, but then its just dead. I did several firmware reinstalls, and with that the motor does work again, but only for a moment, and not under too much power or it kills itself again. Anyone have any idea whats happening? The motor on the broken side also comes up as sensorless when the issue happens and says “hall sensor” before it fails, so I know its not my plugs.

Did you install bootloader when you did the firmware? Why did you change the firmware in the first place?

I changed the firmware after it had failed to make sure it wasnt firmware related, which it seems to be, being as it work after reinstalling just to fail again. And correct I installed the bootloader befoore

Its not just cogging on the sensorless side?

im not sure what cogging is, but the sensorless side is sensored, once the bus fails it shows up as sensorless. It worked perfect before I tried to invert the motors the day that the issue occured (yesterday) and now I cant get it fixed reguardless of what I do

The detection values of the first VESC look very, very wrong. Have you tried switching the motor to the other side to see if the problem follows it? If it doesn’t, chances are something blew on the controller.

i agree, its super weird. It does give appropriate values after i reinstall the firmware, but once it croaks it changes to about what it says on there. Ive tried swapping the motors and its indeed controller based, I just doubt its completely blown being as it does work at first, but im probably wrong, im not sure lol. luckily makerx supposedly has a good warranty and customer service, so we will see

Did you flash the custom firmware .bin file from MakerX?

Did you flash each side by connecting to each side? Maker X firmware stuff doesn’t always work well over can.

in my experience it just *does not

individual for both bootloader and fw usually

I tried installing via the custom firmware on both sides, to no avail unfortunately, when plugging it into the side that doesnt work, if installing firmware only on the one side, it doesnt work with run detection (it jolts then is dead until another reinstall) . Using the other side, when reinstalling formware for both at the same time, the non working side works for run detection, then dies when throttle is pushed/ hits a certain amperage im assuming, when doing realtime the side thats dead is pulling nothing

im going to try to install them via connecting seperately with the usb this time, before running detection etc. before I only tried the working side which works until throttle is pushed on it, and then the broken side were it doesnt work if reinstalled

just finished. The first test it jolted, then died. Now its again dead & still the same thing, its coming up as sensorless and isnt moving. So its the same as just doing the bad side

heres a capture of the detection after doing it through the working side, it still does work. But i feel when i throttle itll shut out again, ill test it but im sure itll happen. This make little sense

actually it hasnt died! not yet atleast, im going to finalize values and see whats poppin

edit: update:
alright, so i managed to invert the motor successfully, but when I went to edit the settings on the motor current max/ battery current max, it died again. Im not sure if its because of one of those reasons. It still doesnt make sense to me.
would it be okay if the currents are different? the battery max is default 99amp so im not sure if those setting are okay assuming if I dont edit anything it works

Did you install the boot loader? Have you tried swapping the motor sides?

yes, its definitely the bus itself and not the motor, after re installing the firmware, sometimes when running run detection it does come up perfectly, but as soon as i change the settings, it stops working again.

So if you plug directly into that side and only detect that side it works?

nope, once it fails it no longer works at all until i reinstall the firmware. Sometimes when installing the firmware it does nothing to fix the issue, and other times, for instance, i change from verson 5.- to 6.02 it then works with detection, then dies if i change the app/motor settings. it did work once when inverting but once I changed the app/motor settings it died again upon throttle. when running detect on only the one side it doesnt work reguardless if its plugged in via usb on either side

I experienced the same thing a few days ago with a MakerX DV4. It makes no sense that the motor is working when you run the Motor Wizard, but then when you apply the throttle after set-up - the motor just dies.

Have you tried texting the MakerX Tech Line on WhatsApp? They might be able to help you (who knows), but it might be worth a try - and it’s free.

Also, when you go to the Terminal Tab on the VESC Tool, are their any faults being created?