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DualESC6 DirectFET only for electric skateboard

Dual miniFOC-Plus

Voltage: 60V maximum (recommended within 12S)

Current: 50A continuous

Using 6 mosfet IRF7749L


@yongitech The category you want is #vendor-corner


This one is on taobao tho

Interesting. Any other information?
Will these include heatsink?
Do you have dimensions?
It’s CAN bus and UART available?
What is involved in your testing process?
Any idea of cost?

Would you be willing to send any for testing by the community?

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Obviously this is no VESC 6, so why is the thread called “Dual VESC6”?
It’s a Dual miniFOC-Plus, right?


Frank uses cease and desist
It’s super effective!


How do you know its not a D.U.A.L.V.E.S.C6™

Also good luck enforcing a UK trademark on a chinese company


I ready “dualvesc6” without space, pretty sure there’s no trademark on such a long acronyme
Edit : @Anubis was faster than me on this one, but it was close




Sorry, DualminiFOC-Plus DirectFET only for electric skateboard


Interesting vesc6 design. Am i just seeing 3 fets per side?

e: 3 on each side

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yes, DualminiFOC-Plus


Hi @yongitech,

In that case please change your thread title. Because you actually violate a TM to advertise your product.
The TM policies can be found here:

As a good example: Lacroix created the brand Stormcore for their VESC compatible derivates.
Their thread title is called LACROIX Stormcore ESC and iOS app info
They do not use the VESC brand in trade at all. They point out the compatibility but the identity of the product differs vastly from the VESC TM. This is how things should be. Enertion has done the same with the FOCBOX brand. Both companies created their own brands for marketing purpose.

The VESC Project offers source code and schematics, but it can not offer brand identity. Open Source is about sharing the knowledgable and allow collaboration, it is not necessarily about sharing identity, which is from a legal point of view simply not possible anyway. In order to allow others to point out compatibility with software, the TM policies have a section, describing how to make use of the brand VESC to point out such compatibilities. It is totally fine to point out such compatibilities! But you need to stick to the TM policies.

Coming back to a positive example again, Lacroix for example states::

The firmware of the Stormcore is VESC based and is compatible with all third-party apps supporting the latest firmware, but we recommend using only the Stormcore app and the official VESC software hosted at

Please note that the VESC Brand is WIPO registered, amongst other countries the application is including China and HK.


And how do you intend to enforce it? Fly to China and cry?


I don’t understand all this hate towards a trademark, honestly. It’s pretty clear why it’s there and why it’s useful


ok, I’ll correct it soon.
Now I don’t have the right to modify it.

You can ask a moderator to change it for you.

Yep but this is a forum, not a courtyard. Do you really care that someone is unintentionally using the wrong term while it’s corrected in his actual thread?


ok, please tell me how to do.

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