I come from what a fried Focbox Unity looks like. I was writing to Enertion for one month, and finally I tried to fix it myself, without any result. I have changed the Focbox with my friend, and I was eskating some weeks with his Focbox because he wasn’t going to use his esk8 (Good friend, yeah!) and everything went perfect, so the problem is not the rest of the setup.

Now, I am tired of Enertion and his null response still paying the warranty of his product. I really want to go out with my own assembly. For what, I was looking to buy the Dual VESC from Flipsky, but I can’t decide, because I can’t find the difference or which model of these two would be better.

Somebody could help me?

I have a 10S5P setup with 80A battery current and 190KV 6374 TB motors.

Thanks in advance!
I love the forum more and more.


The first one has more power and will run smoother, if you’re making a off road or racing board it will be better, second is good enough for a street build

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I’m selling my dual single 6.0 Maytech 200a VESCs if you’re interested…

Flipsky vescs havnt gotten a good wrap lately anyways, just look at all the build threads with 2+ vesc swaps because one side keeps dying :man_shrugging:


Although you may want to consider using 2 single ESCs incase something bad happens to one, Flipsky has a VESC6 that is good


Yes, I have an off road looking for a new vesc.

Thanks! But is too much height for my enclosure.

I’m going to see the possibility of putting two vesc.

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I’ve had 2 units fry this way so far… Need to figure out what my best alternative might be

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With dual vesc or with 2x single vesc?

Both times were duals. One half would go dead

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Then it would be better to buy this one?
At the end, the price is more or less the same.

Wait for black friday. Price is <$100 for the single. That’s what I have.



I wouldn’t take the one with built in antispark, because the antispark is prone to fail.

I’ve heard capacitors were better on the second one.

I don’t think the first one will give you more power than the second one.

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Save yourself heaps of time, money and heartache. Buy something else.


I have the non-plus 6.6. It has been reliable for about 250+ miles of riding with up to 70A per motor and 32A per VESC from the battery.

My only complaint: the voltage monitor is terrible. It is useless for determining remaining capacity.

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Better the devil you know. I have damaged 4 flipshite esc it usual the antispark that dies easy to bypass. But my 4.2 duel died yesterday. Worked well for 2 weeks on 10S but upgrading to 12S on motor detect one of the becs died. I bought from hglrc.com so 6 months warranty instead of 2 months flipshite warrranty. I have older 6.6 plus still going strong on 13S dont use the antispark as I need to power a buck to power my lights. I use a homemade 200Amp A/S and not flipshite amps. Next build i am going to try the maytech or maybe torqueboard will come up with some duel vesc goodness.

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I don’t know how damaged your Unity is, but @seaborder can repair Unity’s in Europe. I can vouch for him, good communication, fast and reliable. Repairing your Unity saves you money and headache.


anyone tried the flipsky 6.6 dual mini?

still looking for an esc and am debating on which to get:
flipsky 6.6 mini (12s)
makerX 4.x dual mini (12s)


I think the maker xs are your best bet, but if youre bent on FOC the 6.6 is probably a ‘better’ choice

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Dude, just avoid flipsky. I’ve had nothing but problems with them. It’s almost impossible to get them to honor warranties.


I’ve had a decent experience with the big fsesc 6.6 dual, I will say this…when my battery gets below 30% it acts funky, one of the motors seems to get way less current then the other one, could be my vesc settings also tho

thanks for the feedback guys! :slight_smile:
I think I’ll stick to makerX’s dual esc :slight_smile: