Dreamonseed - 18s Abomination

This build is to finally give some rest to my much abused and rebuilt little GTR carbon. As a cummuter board it suffers a wide array of abuse but after the launch of the 4WD board Arythmia the poor old little 12s (+5000km) battery just leaves me wanting that kick in the pants that it can’t deliver

Enter the Dreamonseed Abomination.

Demonseed 42’ with heavily altered Eboosted enclosure
18s4p Moli 21700
138kv Radium 6485
3DC Fatboy 240 Gear Drives - Tooth count TBD
Ubox 75v (Mounted externally)
Radium Airless Compound 125mm (Please Skaten let it be!)

So the plan is to modify the deck with and create a bit of a “hump” down the deck towards the back of the deck, as per this

since it’s my first battery, I hit the cells with glossy black shrink wrap because pretty…

and now I can continue to make the P groups and research it step by step. I’m in no particular hurry so am planning on taking my time… I look forward to making a whole bunch of new mistakes on this one.

The first interesting step is how to reinforce the opening Im going to create. So I’m thinking of using a Baking Pan over the hole with some of this CF Strip to secure it. Im going to test a range of materials with which to cover the hump with and should be a whole bunch of frustration and failures on the path.


I have an idea on how to seal it off but I’m thinking that the underside of the deck is where it’s needed the most so I’ll have to have a think about how best to do that. There’s plenty of room in the eboosted enclosure if I want to run diagonal strips at the corners or do a double sided thru bolted flange setup.

The last build took me 12 months and I dont expect much change out of the next 12 for this one lol… I don’t get a lot of time with which to do these projects so time is certainly a challenge as well.



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If you stagger instead of stacking the cells it won’t be as tall, maybe something to consider. Sounds like a fun little project.




The art on the deck goes so hard, excited to see how this turns out.

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the world needs more electric demonseeds. this project has my full endorsement.


Demonseed! Demonseed! Demonseed!


Love to see out of the box thinking!

Preliminay sizing looks like I’ll fit, the opening in the deck should leave enough room for two strips of 3x24x400 under. I guess there’s nothing left but to start cutting and sanding.


Dang, I was warned about 205kv at 16s. Reckon the ESC will handle it? Will make cool noises regardless.

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@JesseM 18S 205kv no good for summer. Fun AF during winter or for track seshes but no good if ambient is over 25C. But if you decide to proceed anyway I’ll give you some cans with different magnets that will help the motors run cooler


you know how I feel about cans…

If I can get this together during winter it’ll rip the velodrome a new one

it’s a U-Box, cant fuckin tell at the best of times


How bad is it lol, i’m doing exactly this (18S @205kv, 6485 motors from SKP). Planning on making a ram air duct to force air into the intake side to help with cooling (or maybe even a system to mist water onto the cans during track use), but how much current across the phases do you think i could push on say, a 30C ambient day with them unmodified and stock?


You can probably push 120 phase amps @ 18S but on a 30C day your enemies will be speed and time. The motors will be spinning so fast that they can overheat from the iron losses alone, meaning if someone towed you with a rope and the motors were unplugged they would still overheat. So for short stints slowing down for corners its doable for track. But continuous riding at speed will cook them.

It also depends what magnets you have in there. SKP used to run N38 which will generate less heat but then Reacher implemented some of my V6 upgrades that I was talking to them about which I had planned to use with a better cooling system so now SKP motors come with N45 which run very hot…


It turns out that a brownie tin is about the perfect size to form the lid over.

At the low point, the ‘hump’ will only be 10-15mm high and foot placement is still pretty good.


Is the hump towards the front or back?

Also make sure you have some sort of foam lining the entire pan so nothing shorts, seal the gap at the top so water isn’t getting channeled into the battery, and you’re pocketing out space for the lip of the pan to be completely inset

Thats the plan, the lip will come up from under, sealed all round with liquid steel and keyed into the opening.


Some firming up of nefarious plans

Some whole new type of fuckery… jigsaw piece custom case. Feeling like I’m going to make it out of 2mm aluminium, water-jet cut to shape. Ive some decent ideas on how to seal it but no idea on mounting it yet.

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I needed a panel mount and nothing fit, so I mocked up a cardboard plate and then cut an Alucobond final piece.

Still need to fit and seal.


Looks slick :+1:

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