Down bad AF 4 reviews of big daddy Hoyt 5" hubs/tires & testing of 5" tires on other hubs

Need info, for science


@JJHoyt you got any updates?

I think he’s waiting on tubes

yes, tubes are done. they made the valves at a different angle than specced however so waiting on a couple samples to verify they’ll still work for us. unfortunately holiday in china so shipment has been delayed. hoping for 2 weeks to begin taking orders (and shipping immediately).
Oh, and tires and rims are already in stock. Just waiting on tubes.


Anybody on the forum planning to buy a pair soon after they’re available?

These look pretty nice.

I really wanted to convert my thane board to the 5 inchers, until I realized a set of 4 tires and tubes will cost me well over $200 shipped/taxed. Too much for quick-wearing rubber consumables. :sweat_smile:


Anybody on the forum not planning to buy a pair soon after they’re available?:crazy_face:


I got my eyes set on something else.

they are online fyi



$120 for 4 tires and tubes… tempting to try on ze bergs


I wonder how similar the diameter of the hub is

Even if they appear to fit well, I presume we’re going to have to have somebody put ~100miles on them near their top speed with a good bit of carving to see if any issues appear. Having a pneumatic shear from a hub is something I don’t want to experience.

Also curious about the 3.75 infinity hubs fitment.

By all means tho, I definitely encourage anybody who can afford Hoyt’s own hubs and pulleys to do so. Lot of respect for what it’s taken to get these to market, and they look pretty sexy too - they deserve what they’re charging for them IMO. I’ve just financially boned myself pretty damn hard the past year to be able to drop money on the full package right now.


Full understanding of the 28mph top speed advisory and the fact inherent dangers come past that point. Out of curiosity though, if you can say - any idea what speed past that in which sudden catastrophe/complete failure is highly likely to occur? I feel like some of us can run into downhill stretches where gravity alone would push us ~30mph plus, knowing if it’s essential to throttle that sort of speed via breaks for the short duration or if it’s probably fine for short stretches of time would be nice to know


Howdyho there. The situation that I’ve come to learn is that most tires have not been speed rated so creating a tire with an actual speed rating could be new. I’m am aware of a popular tire that does have a speed rating from the vendor…of 10kph!!! And they were being pushed over 50mph. As a rider, that might be something one could build confidence in and ignore but as a company, it is too much risk exposure. Ignorance is bliss but once you have that knowledge, you have to act on it to cover your ass. I have confidence in our tires on our rims; we cant test our tires on every possible rim out there so folks are on their own there. Fully understand and appreciate the desire to avoid catastrophic failure at speed, which is why we partnered with reputable vendor and were very upfront about the speed requirements. And the smaller the tire, the more of a challenge that becomes (the heat build up in these 5" are nothing to scoff at). I’d be interested to hear what other tires y’all are aware of with speed ratings.


Most tires will just say “Not for Highway Use”. Glad you guys have an actual speed rating!


this is literally where we get our wheels from


lazy links for these threads


Who would y’all like to hear from with a formal review? And before you chime in with an insufferable number of ME, ME, MEs!!!, you cant nominate yourself. Now watch half of you create a second profile so you can nominate yourselves, lolz. Seriously though, who would y’all trust with a formal assessment.


Really cool esk8 YouTuber named Evwan.

In all seriousness, maybe we can get an actual esk8 news article about these?


@ShutterShock @Skyart u two are up


@fessyfoo seems to run down a lot of tires. Has a decent write up on the kendas here. Not sure he has a board that could run those tires and hubs tho