Does anyone have any dual or single build plans i could do with 20 mile range and 30% hill climb under 700$ usd

If you’re on here thank you for looking at my thread! Now, lets cut to the point.
I’m looking for aboard that I can build for 700 or less (parts list are much appreciated) that has 30% hill climb 25-35 mph top speed and 15+ miles of range

Drive up to 300 miles for a meepo!?!? That round trip? Pretty sure u can find a used one for like 3-4 hundred on offerup or facebook

i want to test someone’s board not buy it 600-mile round trip

I know @Venom121212 is in ohio… thats bout it lol

im prettty sure he dosent have a meepo or build kit boards though

Pretty sure you’re right…

I do have a hub board build complete sitting around just waiting for a battery to drop in I could get rid of. Was going to eventually make a 3rd backup board.

It’s an upgraded esc own board kit, a verreal f1 enclosure, and Globe Spearpoint Mini deck (right on the picture)

Already talked to @hyperion about a 10s3p 30q battery fitting in there. Battery would be $225-250 from them.


could i try it?

Not going to be a fun test ride without a battery…


oh yeah :rofl:

I like seeing someone else with a Boosted mini as a back up :smiley: Short reliable little things…

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That’s not mine haha sorry to disappoint

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Ahh dang it :joy: Tell the person that it’s a nice backup board and convince them to make a diy :joy::smiley:

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Hehe sneaky edit… ^

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Not so sneaky when you point it out, lol


@Venom121212 think I need to pass simply because I can’t test it without paying 300

Sounds good man, good luck with the search.

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Im in grand rapids, mi, what exactly are you trying to test ride?

If it’s a cheap ride, I can slap one together for you. If it’s high end, I have one. I also have a mid range AT. I do have a shit ton of extra parts though, enough for multiple builds.

@FourteeOZ it’s close enough for me to drive out! I’m trying to test something that would be 800 or less
all-terrain if possible