Do you have a VX2? Can you do this test for me? *SOLVED*

EDIT: Issue is resolved see

First check out this video of me flicking the wheel on my VX1:

See how it responds instantly?

Now here’s me doing the same thing on my VX2:

See how it doesn’t?

It takes about a quarter of a second to get the wheels moving.
It makes me crazy I always feel like I’m going to fall forward before the board catches up.

…but I hate the way the VX1 has no screen and only has four lights for the battery level.

So what I need to know is do all VX2s have this problem?
If so it’s not worth going to Flipsky about it since any replacement would just have the same issue.

If not I’ll see if I can get Flipsky to address it - or just buy another one.

I also want to know if the VX4 has this issue, but I think I’ll create a new thread to get the attention of VX4-havers.

I’m sorry but this does not make sense.

Sorry what doesn’t make sense - that the product is crappy but I would consider buying another one?

If you have a suggestion for a better remote hit me with it (one with a screen and thumbwheel).

(Don’t say freesk8 please - I already bought one and loved it but I left it on the train and can’t get another one right now because reasons - I already feel awful about it).

yes, exactly this.


Ok but it wouldn’t be crappy if it didn’t have this delay.
This thread is asking the question: do all VX2s have this delay or is mine particularly defective?

I believe it has to do with the programming in the ESC. Notice how it has the delay that you mention when I use it forward. When i reverse it (smart reverse or what its called. The Apex guys put it on my board) is absolute and instant.

I did a few missclicks where I didnt get to pull it down properly because its very late here, and I live in a apartment complex. The reverse is really instant.

I can’t see your video, but in my case I don’t think it has to do with the ESC, since the VX1 doesn’t have the issue even tho it’s the same ESC, same settings, same everything.

The remote might have some defualts but maybe not

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Yea could be remote related actually rather than ESC. I noticed my VX2 is also very different in acceleration compared to my old remote.

did u caliberate the remote? its in one of the remote menu setting

Yea its not an issue at all its just different.

my suggestion is throw it out and get a better remote :joy:

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I hear you but I don’t know what is better that still has a screen?

Definitely at some point. Ive had a ton of disconnects at times. My phone seems to really mess up the signal of the remote too.

Ill follow this thread for a suggested remote with a screen. I wanted to get a puck but now I remembered to check for a screen and it doesnt have one.

vx4? @Evwan and @ShutterShock both have it

or the unobtainium osrr

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A bit pricey

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I love the maytech v2.

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Good besides the signal issues in dense areas

VX4 seems good but I still haven’t ridden with it

iRemote still hasn’t shipped and is completely untested by us

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Yeah i have yet to experience even one signal issue with ANY remote, but my usual routes arent even downtown let alone a real city so thats no surprise.

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