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DIY Electric Goped Goquad

So I have been buying parts to start my Electric Go kart build. The frame I choose was a Green goped goquad (about 24 pounds) that is chain driven, not the live axle one, mainly because this frame has a square tube where the motors will mount. I just believe it will make it easier to make a mount.I do have someone looking into making me a custom mount that will attached to the rear tube, but I’m leaning towards getting my coworker to build me 2 - 1/8 thick steal mount and welding it for me. I attached my cad drawings below of the mount being made. So the set up i’m going with will be two 6374 170kv motors, gearing is 14t on motor and 56t on the 6 inch wheel. My goal is to have a plenty of torque and hit about 30 mph. The battery I’m currently getting made will be a 12s5p with Samsung 30q cells which will be sitting inside a pelican vault 100 case in the rear of the kart. My choice of vesc will be two single focboxes with a Janux VESC Heatsink. I have considered the flipsky 6.6 dual mini but not sure what would be best for my build, what do you guys think? My choice of a remote will be a vesc wand, and I will design and 3d print some type of handle bar mount. I could of simply installed a ebike throttle on but I wanted to try a different route. Now as soon as I get the motor mount deal over with, I will be getting the Kart powdercoated Candy teal metallic. I weight about 240 pounds and I hope to have the results I hope for power wise. If there is any tips or advice from you guys it will be much appreciated.




Motor mounts are welded and the Kart has been send off for powder coating




Why not just do wired controls? Also im partial to the finger throttles like a jet ski. But if i was on a little cart like yours maybe a gas pedal.?

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I wanted to try something different, I have done the ebike throttle on my scooter build. I just wanted to benefit from being able to see the telemetry on the vesc wand plus regen braking is cool.

Ya i get it… all in 1. But its be cool to build a heads up screen on the steering column…

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This is sweet! Back when I had a goped GSR I was eying one of these up but I lost interest to esk8. Looks like it will be a super fun drift machine though. Following this.

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