DIY 2 in 1 AT and street Board on Caliber 2'S Help?

After done frustration with my board, and the vesc dying (heats up, no LED’s, Bluetooth module lights up, no USB), I wanted to buy a Chinese all terrain board, but I got increasingly frustrated with the info out there.
Considering I have:
caliber 2 trucks,
83mm abec clones,
a deck and
2 new 6s 5000 lipo’s.
What would be a good setup for a convertible 2 in 1 board? I’d like to stay under 700$ to get it working 100% as a street board, after which I’d get the AT wheels.

Making it an AT board doesn’t make much difference as long as the mounts are long enough to accept the bigger wheel pulley and the deck doesn’t get wheel bite

To convert you just need wheels, wheel pulleys, and belts

The rest of the board should be fine, you can get some cheap components on eBay to get running if you want…$80 will get you a pair of mounts, pulleys, belts…$60 gets a dual ESC with remote but you’d need to mod it for 12s…another $100 for 2 okay motors…and $60 for a good enclosure. You can add AT wheels with their associated hardware for $140, and tack $50 to get it shipped

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What deck? You’ll want to make sure the AT wheels clear the deck. Also, matching an enclosure to the deck is always trouble unless you buy them as a set or integrated. It might be easier to make an AT board then get “street” wheels later. I have wheels meant to convert my AT board to 'thane but I have given that up since my old bones love the big wheels so much.

Surely you just grab the haggy board 2 in 1 kit. It’s highly rated around here and well under your budget leaving you money for VESCS

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I agree quality is too notch with haggy and it’s a nice elegant drivetrain

You could go cheeper and look at @dickyho for his solid or pneumatic mech kits

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Was gonna mention this when I saw this topic. His kit is solid for the price. :grin:

if you’re going to just get the wheels bear in mind some of the bigger wheels need a longer axle than the standard 35mm

This build looks awesome, I’ll follow this as inspiration

Only thing I’m kinda confused by is the motor sizes and what difference they make, there are 190kv motors in different sizes which I don’t really understand

Bigger motors can use more power longer

I have a diy cruiser deck and I think the tires will not fit well, what’s a good deck with I can get in Europe?

I like the @dickyho kit with the 44t pulley but I want to get the 60t pulley separately for future battery upgrade to 10s, what belt would be needed? Also I want to get some spare belts for the 44t kit setup just on case but it doesn’t say what they are

15/44 345 belt.
15/60 395 belt

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Do you have pics of your current set up?